Trebia Networks Records Highest Recorded IP Storage I/O Rate

4/14/2003 - Trebia Networks, Inc., a leader in the development of system-on-silicon solutions for storage networking applications, announced that the SNP-1000TM is delivering performance levels of 309K IOPS and over 450 megabytes per second of Ethernet bandwidth. These unprecedented rates are being achieved just midway through Trebia's performance work, with higher numbers anticipated as infrastructure is enhanced to drive more traffic.

"These numbers just smoke anything we've seen," supports Steve Duplessie, founder and senior analyst, Enterprise Storage Group. "Performance results like these definitely settle the question as to whether Ethernet is an appropriate and viable alternative for block storage network infrastructures."

Announced Customer Quotes
"The LSI5201 iSCSI storage adapter was designed to deliver both high performance and high availability. Trebia's industry-leading performance and dual port capabilities enable us to deliver these enterprise-class features," stated Charlie Kraus, director of HBA marketing for LSI Logic Storage Standard Products.

"We're very impressed with the numbers demonstrated by Trebia's SNP-1000. These performance levels set the bar for the integration of IP storage capabilities into SAN directors," stated Bill Burger, director of emerging technologies, McDATA.

Test Configuration
Trebia's test configuration consists of industry standard hardware components from a variety of storage suppliers including commercially available initiators, targets and switches. The computers driving I/O are the standard "white label", x86 variety with PCI-X capability. And, to ensure performance accuracy an I-TECH Satellite®-8MP analyzer sits between all the initiators and targets to measure I/Os, thereby eliminating any possibility of false performance results reported by software-based performance tools which might be compromised by I/O caching.

Jeff Tetzlaff, vice president of marketing and sales, I-TECH Corporation states, "Measuring on the wire is the most accurate way to calculate results. The I-TECH Satellite®-32MP decodes each frame passing on the wire and counts the command frames exchanged between initiator and target. You can't get more precise than that."

For More Information
Trebia Networks has posted a technical note in downloadable PDF format detailing the SNP-1000TM performance demonstration and results at

About Trebia Networks
Trebia Networks delivers innovative system-on-silicon solutions that power the next generation of storage networking products. Beginning with the newly introduced SNP-1000TM, SNP-1000iTM, and SNP-500TM, Trebia is creating a host of processors targeted to key storage networking applications. Trebia's SNP products greatly accelerate FCIP and iSCSI, enabling storage networking OEM's to deliver enterprise-class features for IP Storage applications while reducing cost, complexity and overall time to market required by alternative solutions. Incorporated in July 2000, Trebia is based in Acton, in the middle of Massachusetts' high-tech corridor and has secured over $40 million in start-up funding from leading Venture Partners. For more information, visit Trebia Networks on the Internet at

Trebia, SNP-1000, SNP-1000i and SNP-500 are trademarks of Trebia Networks, Inc.

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