IBM Selects ParthusCeva for Blue Logic IP Collaboration Program

4/11/2003 - ParthusCeva, Inc. (Nasdaq: PCVA, LSE: PCV), the leading licensor of digital signal processors (DSP) and application - specific platform Intellectual Property (IP) to the semiconductor industry, announced that it has become a member of IBM's Blue Logic IP Collaboration Program. IBM's program promotes close working relationships with leading third-party Intellectual Property (IP) vendors and their ASIC customers. ParthusCeva offers its widely adopted DSP SmartCoresTM and XpertTeakTM DSP sub-system for current and next generation communication equipment and consumer products, to companies designing ASICs manufactured by IBM.

Through the IP Collaboration program, IBM is working with suppliers of leading processor cores and application IP to integrate their solutions within IBM's Blue Logic design methodology and processes. This is intended to enable IBM's ASIC customers to more rapidly and reliably bring new products to market. IBM has for several years achieved the ranking of #1 worldwide ASIC supplier, according to the consulting firm Gartner Dataquest.

ParthusCeva's participation in IBM's Blue Logic program enables companies designing ASICs manufactured by IBM to integrate ParthusCeva's DSP architectures, which held over 60% of the licensable DSP core market in 2002. For these ASIC designers, ParthusCeva offers its broad line of DSP cores and sub-systems including the PalmDSPCore®, Teak®, TeakLite® and XpertTeak. These DSP cores cover a wide range of performance, power consumption and cost metrics targeted to markets such as 2/2.5/3G cellular handsets and Smartphones, PDAs, cellular base-stations, VoIP gateways, broadband modems, digital cameras, Disk drive control and more.

"The IBM Blue Logic IP Collaboration Program is designed to provide our customers with state-of-the-art IP to be seamlessly integrated into a System-on-Chip solution," said Tom Reeves, VP of ASIC Products at IBM Microelectronics. "ParthusCeva DSP cores are the latest example of the types of technology we are adding to expand customer choices."

"IBM's Blue Logic IP Collaboration Program enables IBM's customers to develop SoCs and reach the market quickly and at a reduced cost," commented Issachar Ohana, vice president of sales at ParthusCeva. "By adding our large offering of DSP and subsystem to this program, and by providing qualified market-leading cores with a complete set of development tools with a large support network of third parties, ParthusCeva will contribute substantially to IBM's customers."

The IBM Blue Logic IP Program, established in March 2002, was created to foster close working relationships between IBM and select third-party providers so that customers can readily integrate intellectual property (IP) cores from these providers into IBM ASICs.

About XpertTeak
XpertTeak is a complete licensable design for a low power, low cost programmable DSP-based System-on-a-Chip (SoC) for embedded application markets. As a licensable design, fully synthesizable and process independent, it can be further incorporated into highly integrated SoC designs. The XpertTeak is built on ParthusCeva's programmable dual MAC Teak DSP Core and includes a full set of integrated hardware peripherals and interfaces, and is complemented by a complete full set of development tools.

About SmartCoresTM
ParthusCeva's SmartCoresTM family of low-power, fixed-point licensable DSP cores offer a range of performance, price and power consumption balances, addressing a wide range of applications, from low-end, high-volume applications, such as digital answering machines, hard disk controllers, low speed modems and Voice over IP terminals, to high performance applications such as third generation (3G) cellular communications, broadband modems, consumer multimedia and Voice over IP gateways.

SmartCoresTM licensees benefit from the advanced architecture features, such as:

Cores offered at various performance levels - beginning with single-MAC (OakDSPCore® and TeakLite®) architecture to Dual-MAC (Teak®), Dual-MAC with Instruction Level Parallelism (PalmDSPCore®) and the scalable, multiple MAC and extendible architecture of CedarDSPCore.

PalmDSPCore, Teak, TeakLite and OakDSPCore are registered trademarks and SmartCores and XpertTeak are trademarks of ParthusCeva, Inc.

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