InfiniSwitch Deploys End-to-End Switched Fabric Networking Solution

4/10/2003 - InfiniSwitch Corporation, the acknowledged leader in switched fabric networking solutions, announced general availability of three new products that are all part of an integrated end-to-end cluster computing networking solution. The solution includes the InfiniSwitch 12/24 Port Leaf Switch, the Lane15 Fabric Manager- Enterprise Version, and the InfiniSwitch Dual Port Host Channel Adapter. All three products recently passed compatibility testing for numerous IBM eServer xSeriesÔ platforms, including the x335, x345 and x440 systems, obtaining IBM ServerProven status. The IBM ServerProven Program is intended to provide customers with assurance that a product will install correctly, start up easily, and run reliably on IBM servers. This integrated bundle is the first InfiniBand based group of products to achieve ServerProven recognition.

“The Service Centric Computing of the future requires proven and tested products, such as the InfiniSwitch Solution, that directly improve the latency and bandwidth problems that data centers experience today,” commented Vern Turner, Group Vice President IDC. “Today the majority of IT budget is spent on maintaining what Enterprise Data Centers currently have; InfiniSwitch products will help these organizations to gain productivity with their current environment and enable better support of critical business applications.” The InfiniSwitch cluster computing solution provides the high-speed, high-bandwidth, and reliability that customers need for their complex high performance computing applications. Until now, customers either used supercomputers (costing five to twenty times more) or cost-effective cluster computing that could not attain the speed, bandwidth, scalability and reliability levels that the InfiniSwitch solution now provides. The InfiniSwitch solution is optimal for high-speed, low latency I/O to support Enterprise Data Center and High Performance Computing (HPC) server clusters, communications, and storage.

“We are using the InfiniSwitch solution in our laboratory today and have achieved impressive results. Our testing with the MVAPICH package is showing latencies for MPI applications of under 7 microseconds for small message sizes and bandwidths of over 850 MB/s for large messages,” said Dr. Dhabaleswar K Panda, Professor of Computer and Information Scientist at Ohio State University. “The InfiniSwitch products provide a good solution for cost-effective HPC clustering today.”

The InfiniSwitch solution features advanced fault tolerance, higher levels of availability, standards- based InfiniBand and SNMP management, scalability that supports thousands of nodes, and application integration through Upper Level Protocols. Advantages of InfiniBand-based fabrics include Memory-to-Memory Operations resulting in low CPU utilization and low latency, high-speed data transfers, QoS, I/O consolidation, reduced complexity in cabling, lower power consumption and greater performance.

“Enterprise Data Centers and High Performance Computing organizations want low latency, high bandwidth and improved CPU utilization capabilities for their server clusters,” said Alisa Nessler, CEO of InfiniSwitch. “The InfiniSwitch solution provides all of this. With our solution, customers will know they are buying a well-tested solution that has passed IBM’s ServerProven interoperability tests.”

For Enterprise Data Centers customers, the InfiniSwitch products are designed to: (1) integrate with leading NAS and SAN storage solutions, (2) be used with existing network and management tools, and (3) support all leading database management systems. All the InfiniSwitch switched fabric network products are engineered to provide increased performance for existing enterprise applications, scale to support application user growth, and increase application speed to deliver instantaneous results for critical applications.

“The InfiniSwitch offering provides a superior solution for high performance computing clusters and the enterprise data center today," said Eyal Waldman, CEO Mellanox Technologies. "InfiniSwitch offers superb levels of manageability and availability with their InfiniBand solution, and as the only InfiniBand company to attain IBM ServerProven status, they are now providing IT manager's with a proven choice of products."

The InfiniSwitch 12/24 Port Leaf Switch Optimal for server cluster deployments and rack dense server configurations, this high performance switch features: High Availability ·Redundant switch cards ·Embedded switch OS ·Redundant, hot-swap power and cooling Low Latency ·<200 ns latency Flexibility ·Up to 24 ports in 1U rack mountable chassis ·10 GB/s bi-directional line speed per port ·Efficient cable management ·Cost effective copper connectivity with future fiber upgrade Manageability ·Built in management interface ·SNMP Management ·Telnet, CLI, and GUI Management, Ethernet Connectivity ·Integrated with HP OpenView and IBM Tivoli NetView

The Lane15 Fabric Manager The Fabric Manager is used to discover, initialize, and maintain a fabric. The Lane15 Fabric Manager includes advanced InfiniBand features such as subnet administration, performance management and route management. The fabric manager point-and-click GUI enables intuitive management of the subnet topology. The Fabric Manager may also be controlled through leading enterprise management tools. Some of the Lane15 Fabric Manager features include: ·Automatic subnet node discovery and initialization ·Graphical or text topology view ·Subnet management handover, failover and recovery ·Performance Management ·Route management with automatic detection and recovery from topology failures ·Subnet administration for high availability access to subnet data, route paths, and services

Dual Port InfiniBand Host Channel Adaptor The Dual Port InfiniBand Host Channel Adaptor (HCA) is designed to support clustering and network connectivity. Key features of the InfiniSwitch HCA include: ·Support for 256K Queue Pairs ·Expandable Memory (128MB) ·Dual 10 GB/s full duplex link speed support ·Short Form Factor PCI / PCI-X ·Copper connectivity with future fiber upgrade ·Driver support for: SuSE, SuSE Linux Enterprise Server, RedHat, RedHat Advanced Server & Windows 2000 ·IP, VIPL and MPI Application Support

Products are priced at $44,050 for a full 24-node configuration, which includes the switch, HCA(s) and fabric management software. All software and drivers packaged for easy installation and upgrade. For Product Sales Information, please call InfiniSwitch at 508.599.6385 or email

About InfiniSwitch Corporation
InfiniSwitch is the leading provider of Switched Fabric Networking solutions for high availability computing for Enterprise Data Center and server clusters for High Performance Computing. Created from the strategic merger of InfiniSwitch and Lane15 Software, InfiniSwitch offers a lineage of excellence in both switched fabric hardware and fabric management software. Designed to improve CPU utilization, scalability, and latency, our fully integrated solutions are non-proprietary and fully independent of vendor platforms, silicon and OS. InfiniSwitch solutions offer outstanding performance, high availability, plug-and-play scalability, and smooth integration with existing environments. InfiniSwitch is an IBM ServerProven Partner and an OEM partner with other leading server manufacturers. For more information visit and

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