Sun Unveils Auto Diagnosis and Recovery Features for Sun Fire Servers

4/9/2003 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. introduced Auto Diagnosis and Recovery, new advanced reliability features that introduce intelligent system monitoring and recovery capabilities in Sun Fire 3800-15K servers. Auto Diagnosis and Recovery builds on the existing mainframe-like availability and serviceability of the Sun Fire Midframe and high-end line of servers to help customers minimize both planned and unplanned downtime and significantly reduce business interruptions through faster time to service. In initial testing by Sun, Auto Diagnosis and Recovery for the Sun Fire 3800-6800 servers identifies the most common system problems with 99.9 percent accuracy.

New Auto Diagnosis and Recovery features monitor system health and provide warnings of system failures. Faulty or suspect components are detected and isolated, allowing live system servicing before potential faulty components cause a service interruption. With Auto Diagnosis and Recovery, the Sun Fire 3800-15K systems become the only UNIX platform servers to combine detection of the most common causes of system faults with the ability to hot-swap key components such as CPU/Memory Boards, I/O assemblies, and cPCI cards.

"Increasing availability and decreasing costs are the two most important customer requirements in data centers today," said Clark Masters, executive vice president, Enterprise Systems Products at Sun Microsystems, Inc. "With Auto Diagnosis and Recovery, customers can take advantage of features designed into our Midframe and high-end Sun Fire servers that enhance system and application reliability, and deliver mainframe-like availability and investment protection in an aggressively priced UNIX environment."

These new capabilities will join the Sun Fire systems' other leading mainframe-like features including Full Hardware Redundancy, Dynamic Reconfiguration, Domain Fault Isolation, Live System Upgrades, Online Maintenance, and End-to-End Data Integrity. Because of Sun's forward-thinking and innovative design approach, the underlying technology to support these features was engineered into the systems at inception. The software is scheduled to be available for the Sun Fire 3800, 4800 and 6800 servers by the end of this quarter, and for the Sun Fire 12K and 15K servers later this calendar year. The software to activate Auto Diagnosis and Recovery features within Sun Fire servers will be downloadable from at no charge.

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