Fujitsu Invia's Mobile Office Keeps Finnish Parliament in Touch

4/9/2003 - Members of the Finnish Parliament will now be able to use Fujitsu Invia's mobile office. The new mobile office message relay system enables MPs, for example, to read or listen to their e-mail with their mobile phone. Apart from MPs, the mobile office will also be provided for their assistants and other officers working at the Parliament. The number of users this year will total approximately 800.

With the mobile office, MPs can take the groupware system with them on trips and at home. It can be used with a mobile phone, laptop or palmtop computer. The system will be supplied for Parliament as an application service.

MPs have been complaining about the rapidly increasing load of e-mail, fretting that it has become impossible to find the time to read all messages. The number of received messages is not likely to reduce but thanks to the mobile office, MPs can now get their mail on their mobile phone, either to read as text messages or to listen, for instance, when sitting in a car. They can also dictate a reply and send it via the mobile office. The recipient can then hear the message as voice mail on his/her computer or a mobile office-enabled mobile phone.

Furthermore, busy MPs can now see up-to-date calendar entries on their mobile phone, as the calendars are synchronised with the mobile office system. Approved reservations entered in Parliament's calendar system are automatically transferred to the mobile phone's calendar. Similarly, an entry made in the mobile phone calendar is automatically transferred to the Parliament groupware system's calendar.

"We wanted to offer MPs the possibility to use the Parliament's IT services via a mobile connection. We tested different options in a pilot group that consisted of users representing different groups. Invia's mobile office seems very practical. I believe that the most frequently used application will be e-mail," says Parliament's IT Manager Juha Suomalainen.

"The mobile office appears better than good. I believe that the service will be widely and frequently used by us MPs. I receive a huge amount of e-mail, and handling it takes 24 hours of my daily time. Now I can also make good use of travelling time. I can listen to my messages safely while driving my car to work and, in the same conjunction, dictate my replies. I will also stay up to date even when travelling abroad," says MP Tanja Karpela.

"The calendar function is brilliant. Calendar reservations keep changing all the time, and my assistant Leena Iivonen also updates my calendar. When all data is clearly presented in one place, the risk of double booking reduces significantly," Karpela notes.

Newly elected MPs will also be using an updated version of the Teamware Office system, whose operating and management services were recently transferred to Fujitsu Invia.

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