RADVISION Supports MontaVista Linux with New SIP and H.323 Toolkits

4/9/2003 - RADVISION (Nasdaq: RVSN), the industry leader in providing development solutions for voice and video over IP and 3G wireless products and applications, and MontaVista Software, the company powering the embedded revolution, announced that the award-winning RADVISION SIP and H.323 developer toolkits are now available for the development of Linux-based products using MontaVistaTM Linux® Professional Edition.

“RADVISION’s goal is to enable industry innovators to develop and quickly bring to market powerful, differentiated VoIP solutions,” said Jacob Bridger, vice president of marketing and sales for RADVISION’s Technology Business Unit. “To provide the maximum flexibility possible, our toolkits today support most operating systems, allowing developers to choose the platform they feel the most comfortable with and that best serves their target market. Customer demand for embedded Linux support has been strong and we are happy to announce that our SIP and H.323 products support MontaVista Linux out of the box.”

MontaVista provides a comprehensive Linux-based operating system and toolkit for the development of a wide variety of embedded Linux-based products for the telecommunications, mobile and wireless, home entertainment, and automotive telematics markets. Similarly, RADVISION is the leader in protocol toolkits for the development of a wide variety of communications solutions, from softswitches, IP-PBXs, and gateways to IP voice and video phones.

System and application developers of SIP and H.323-based products can use the MontaVista Linux Professional Edition and RADVISION’s SIP and H.323 developer toolkits to build scalable, feature-rich, and robust Linux-based communications systems for the telecommunication, enterprise, and consumer electronics markets.

“We are excited about our partnership with RADVISION. Together, we provide our joint customers a versatile OS and development environment with validated networking protocols,” said Sheila Baker, vice president of marketing, MontaVista Software. “Equipment developers will now be able to take advantage of MontaVista Linux and RADVISION’s SIP and H.323 developer toolkits to bring their new products to market faster and at a dramatically reduced development cost.”

RADVISION’s SIP Developer’s Toolkit
RADVISION’s SIP Toolkit version 2.2 features an open, object-oriented architecture, which makes it both programmer-friendly and highly flexible. It also features multiple layers of APIs, from high-level APIs that hide the complexity of the protocol and enable rapid development of applications, to mid- and low-level APIs that expose the intricacies of the protocol and allow for more detailed customization tuned to the specific requirements of the application or product. The SIP Toolkit version 2.2 contains a full library containing all SIP-specific functionality, including message encoding and decoding, transaction and call management, and many of the SIP extensions such as REFER, Replaces, PRACK, SUBSCRIBE NOTIFY and more. The Toolkit also comes with SDP and RTP/RTCP libraries.

RADVISION’s H.323 Developer Toolkit
RADVISION’s H.323 Protocol Toolkit based on ITU H.323 version 4.0 is a highly efficient implementation that provides the most comprehensive ITU feature set, high performance with low memory consumption, and contains exceptional flexibility for implementation across a broad range of both large and small scale IP-centric products, applications, and services. RADVISION's H.323 Protocol Toolkit is highly portable and available for all native and embedded platforms.

MontaVista Linux Professional Edition
MontaVista Linux Professional Edition is a complete embedded operating system and cross-development environment. This award-winning product contains a powerful array of cross-development tools for system and application development, unparalleled processor and board support, and hundreds of deployable utilities, libraries, drivers, and other run-time components. The product provides customers with the MontaVista Linux kernel, utilities, development tools, software updates, deployment components, comprehensive technical support, access to the MontaVista Zone and hands-on training.

RADVISION’s SIP and H.323 developer toolkits for the Linux platform, with full interoperability with the MontaVista Linux Professional Edition, are currently available worldwide. MontaVista Linux Professional Edition 3.0 is available as a product subscription through MontaVista Software and its worldwide distribution channels.

About MontaVista Software
MontaVista Software is a leading global supplier of systems software for intelligent connected devices and associated infrastructure. MontaVista powers the embedded revolution by providing GNU/Linux-based open-source software solutions. Founded in 1999 by real-time operating system (RTOS) pioneer James Ready, MontaVista offers a family of products under the MontaVista Linux umbrella that address broad-based software developer needs encompassing applications ranging from communications infrastructure to consumer electronics. Multiple editions of MontaVista Linux are available including Professional, Consumer Electronics and Carrier Grade, along with complementary technology products providing powerful Java and graphics development capabilities.

Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, in Sunnyvale, Calif., MontaVista Software is a privately held company funded by leading investors such as Alloy Ventures, US Venture Partners, RRE Ventures, WR Hambrecht + Co., IBM, Intel Capital, Sony, Panasonic (Matsushita), Toshiba America and Yamaha Corporation. For more information about MontaVista Software, please visit http://www.mvista.com.

RADVISION (Nasdaq: RVSN) is the industry’s leading provider of high quality, scalable and easy-to-use products and technologies for videoconferencing, video telephony, and the development of converged voice, video and data over IP and 3G networks. For more information please visit our website at www.radvision.com.

Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. MontaVista is a trademark of MontaVista Software Inc.

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