Schneider Integrates XEMICS Miniature CMOS IC into Optoelectronic Detectors

4/8/2003 - The use of a miniature CMOS IC from XEMICS by Schneider Electric in a complete family of photo-electric sensors confirms XEMICS' position as a leading supplier of ICs for industrial applications which require miniaturisation, reliability, precision, quality and long supply life.

Schneider Electric has just launched their "Osiconcept" range of electronic detectors (contact and non contact industrial switches). Within this range they have the "Osiris" product family, which is a range of photo-electric sensors. These sensors are highly flexible allowing them to be configured in a multitude of different ways and environments, with an automatic set up according to the situation and installation. There are 4 types, 3 of the 4 types of photo-electric sensors contain the XEMICS ICs.

"Ultra low power IC and System on a Chip designs from XEMICS enable wired and wireless sensing and monitoring products in both home and industrial applications to be 'fitted and forgotten'," said Michel Chevroulet, product line manager for Sensing Machines at XEMICS.

XEMICS has a range of ultra low power sensing machines, radio machines and transceivers ideal for use in the home and building automation, industrial sensing and control markets. The ultra low power Systems on a Chip ensure longevity of batteries for portable as well as fixed devices. These focus on low power for lower battery cost and more efficient deployment of wired and wireless sensor networks.

The high level of integration in the XEMICS' sensing machines, along with their tiny footprints facilitates miniature end products. Using ultra low power technology in all product families, XEMICS specializes in enabling battery powered home and industrial sensing, control and automation products to have the longest possible battery life.

Schneider Electric is the World's Power & Control specialist. Schneider Electric offers a complete lineup of products and services to meet the needs of four major markets: residential, commercial and industrial buildings, industry, energy and infrastructures. Four global brands label Schneider Electric products: Merlin Gerin, Modicon, Square D, Telemecanique. Schneider Electric international scope and local presence support our market leadership around the world, with operations in 130 countries. Schneider Electric's mission is to give the best of the New Electric World to everyone, everywhere, at any time.

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