Compuware Rolls Out UNIFACE 8.3 for Enterprise Development

4/8/2003 - Compuware Corporation (Nasdaq: CPWR) announced the commercial availability of UNIFACE 8.3, an enterprise development environment for building, renewing and integrating the largest and most complex business applications. Offering unrivalled technology independence, UNIFACE integrates with both legacy and leading-edge technologies. UNIFACE helps enterprises successfully manage business and technology innovation by future-proofing their most important applications.

UNIFACE 8.3 offers increased capabilities for integrating with existing applications through Web Services support--a vital consideration in today’s economic environment. Functionality built in UNIFACE can now be made available as a Web Service, enabling integration between UNIFACE, J2EE, .NET and legacy applications. This includes applications developed using Compuware OptimalJ, a model-driven, pattern-based (MDPB) Java development environment. Through Web Services support, Compuware continues to enhance the openness of UNIFACE. In addition, CORBA support has been enhanced in version 8.3 to include the bundling of The Ace Orb (TAO), an open source Object Request Broker (ORB) product.

“UNIFACE has always had excellent database connectivity, as well as strong integration capabilities,” said Andy Heydon, Vice President Software Development, CollegeNET, Inc., located in Portland, Oregon. “UNIFACE 8.3 further accelerates component and application integration. With UNIFACE, IT staff can assemble and integrate large-scale applications from individual components, which may be constructed using different tools and programming languages. UNIFACE applications are model-driven, so they adapt easily to sweeping changes in process, structure and logic. Components may be reused, boosting productivity and quality, while reducing development times.”

CollegeNET and other UNIFACE 8.3 beta customers are also excited about the new, improved UNIFACE Windows XP GUI. Both the UNIFACE development environment and deployed UNIFACE applications have a full Windows XP “look and feel.” This gives the user interface of UNIFACE a modern appearance when deployed on Windows XP.

Uri Eitan, Senior Solution Provider, ONE1 in Israel, said, “ONE1 uses UNIFACE to develop a very large and comprehensive ERP application that increases productivity for our customers, some of Israel’s largest businesses. To maintain our competitive advantage it is very important that our application has a modern look and feel, and Compuware has taken a very big step forward with UNIFACE 8.3. Applications developed on previous UNIFACE versions, or other Windows versions, will automatically inherit Windows XP GUI.”

Additional functionality highlights are two new widgets--a hyperlink widget and a grid widget--and support for the Japanese version of Dreamweaver. The new widgets comply with Microsoft standards and provide improved performance and productivity benefits, while Japanese UNIFACE users should welcome the addition of the localized version of Dreamweaver.

“Compuware has a track record for looking after its UNIFACE customer base,” according to Philip Howard, Industry Analyst at UK-based Bloor Research. “I would give Compuware top marks for continuing to do so with UNIFACE 8.3, and it is clear that UNIFACE 8.3 has been developed to meet its customers’ needs. It is this customer-focused policy that has ensured the ongoing success of UNIFACE, while a number of its competitors are no longer in business.”

UNIFACE 8.3 Availability
UNIFACE 8.3 is provided in two editions, which are available immediately:Standard Edition (SE):

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