VMETRO Exceeds 240 MB/s with Latest Programmable Real-Time Recorder

4/7/2003 - VMETRO (Houston, TX / Oslo, Norway) is announcing at the Global Signal Processing Expo - GSPx, in Dallas, Texas, the next generation PowerMIDAS Custom Programmable MIDAS Data Recorder (CP-MDR-620) capable of recording real-time streaming data found in high-end embedded applications such as RADAR, SONAR, ELINT, wafer inspection and medical tomography at sustained rates beyond 240 MB/s.

The PowerMIDAS CP-MDR-620 is targeted for data acquisition applications where one or more custom or COTS PMC, VME, and RACE++ modules are used simultaneously for data input or output. There is a VME single-slot version that includes a PMC, VME, and optional RACE++ input port. A two-slot version has 3 additional PMC input ports providing unprecedented flexibility as multiple input data streams can be tagged and merged before being recorded on the storage device. This is particularly useful for those applications requiring time, location or other related information to be stored with the sensor data. The CP-MDR-620 can also be custom programmed to perform real-time data playback typically used for sensor emulation required in the development, verification test, and training systems associated with complex signal processing applications.

The PowerMIDAS CP-MDR-620 may record data to JBOD or RAID devices either connected directly, or as part of a Fibre-Channel Storage Area Network (FC SAN). Advanced data buffering and RAID-0 disk striping techniques are utilized to insure the highest possible sustained bandwidth when reading and/or writing application data. Easy-to-use disk group management functionality allows any set of disk or RAID devices on the FC SAN to be virtualized as a single storage device as seen from any product within the MDR family. Multiple disk groups can be created, managed, and then accessed in an alternating fashion where some are used for recording while others are simultaneously used for full-speed upload or playback.

VMETRO also offers PowerMIDAS MDR models that are fully pre-programmed to record FPDP or RACE++ data flows. All PowerMIDAS MDRs are supported by Windows and Solaris MDR Host Software that allow workstation users to upload, analyze, archive, and/or download recorded or simulated sensor data files.

The PowerMIDAS CP-MDR-620 is VMETRO’s latest addition to the PowerMIDAS MDR family of products with a performance range from 90 MB/s to 240 MB/s. The new CP-MDR-620 will start shipping in the second quarter of 2003 and is available in both commercial and ruggedized versions.

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