Ashling Microsystems Extends PathFinder's Flash Programming Support

4/7/2003 - Ashling Microsystems Limited, has extended the number of Flash devices supported within their PathFinder source-level debugger. Ashling's PathFinder Debugger, together with the Vitra, Genia or Opella Emulators, provides full support for Flash programming on a range of different processor architectures including ARMTM, MIPSTM and PowerPCTM. Support for both on-chip Flash memory and off-chip (external) Flash memory programming on the target system is provided. Devices supported include flash parts from AMD, Intel, ST and Toshiba; in addition, the range of supported devices is continuously being extended by Ashling.

Programming Flash memory requires only the Ashling Debugger and Emulator, with a connection to the target system on which the Flash memory resides.

As well as programming, PathFinder fully supports debug of flash resident code including setting of breakpoints and single-stepping.

Commenting on the extended flash programming, Jan Beekman, Ashling's Marketing VP, said "Integrated flash support within PathFinder allows customers to quickly re-flash their target applications thus ensuring maximum productivity as they do not have to leave their debug environment".

About Ashling Microsystems
Ashling Microsystems (founded in 1982) is a privately held international Embedded Software Development Tools company. Ashling designs and manufactures In-Circuit Emulators, JTAG/BDM Emulators, Smart Card development tools, Source Debuggers, Integrated Development Environments, Evaluation and Development Boards and Software Quality Assurance tools. Through its close cooperation with leading semiconductor vendors Ashling is now a world leader in the Embedded Software development tools market. Ashling's semiconductor partners include ARC International, MIPS Technologies, Philips Semiconductors, Motorola Semiconductors, NEC, Oki, ARM Ltd. and Infineon Technologies. Ashling's R&D Centre is in Limerick, Ireland. The company's North America Sales and Support Center is in Sunnyvale, California, with sales subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and France and distributors throughout the world. Full details of Ashling's locations and other information are on the company's web site at

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