Metrowerks Launches Latest Embedded Systems Development Tool

4/4/2003 - Metrowerks is now shipping the pre-eminent solution for embedded software developers who require code visibility and precise analysis of embedded systems in operation. CodeTEST(tm) Software Analysis Tools have been used by avionics, networking/communications, and automotive developers to provide software measurement and verification. This newest release of CodeTEST Software Analysis Tools, version 4.0, further extends these capabilities.

CodeTEST Software Analysis Tools are designed to allow developers and quality assurance managers to demonstrate standards compliance, improve overall software quality, and reduce development costs. The tools are engineered to allow embedded developers to view the actual execution history of their systems at the source or real time operating system (RTOS) level, which eliminates the need to stop the system before the analysis is performed or to provide analysis only on statistical sampling. The instrumentation technology, which is protected by one or more granted or pending patents, inserts instrumentation tags in the source code during compilation allowing these tags to be captured as the software is executed.

CodeTEST Software Analysis Tools are engineered to provide three levels of coverage analysis required under the safety critical Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidelines for software certification. The DO-178B certification requires different levels of documentation for each safety category, which include statement coverage (Level C - major category), decision coverage (Level B - hazardous/severe-major category) and modified condition/decision coverage (Level A - catastrophic category).

"Metrowerks software analysis tools provide the aerospace and military industries access to one of the few tool sets qualified under FAA guidelines with one of the most comprehensive code coverage recognized in the industry today," said Greg Rose director of product management at LynuxWorks. "Metrowerks CodeTEST Software Analysis Tools along with Lynx(r) OS-178, our DO-178B Level A certifiable operating system (OS), is an embedded development solution that is already compliant with federal standards and designed to help speed the time-to-market of safety critical systems."

To support the complexities of the embedded software environment from host-based design and development to validation and verification, CodeTEST Software Analysis Tools are available in three variations: native, software probe and hardware probe configurations. CodeTEST Software Analysis Tools, version 4.0, are engineered to provide four different tools to assist in the phases of system development including performance analysis, memory analysis, code coverage, and software execution trace.

"CodeTEST is a core technology we offer as part of a comprehensive solution for embedded software development," said Jim Welch, president and CEO of Metrowerks. "Metrowerks tools, solutions and services support development of successful platforms and guides developers through each stage of the development lifecycle."

CodeTEST Software Analysis Tools, version 4.0, are designed to support Windows(r), Solaris(tm), and Linux(r) host-operating systems and provides off-the-shelf support for numerous commercial RTOSes including Vx Works(r), OSE(r), QNX(r), LynxOS(r), and Linux. CodeTEST Software Analysis Tools support 16- and 32-bit processors, and Metrowerks can provide support for additional RTOSes.

In November 2002, Metrowerks acquired select technology assets from Applied Microsystems Corporation (AMC/Applied, NASDAQ: APMC) including the CodeTEST product line.

Availability and Pricing
Download CodeTEST 4.0 datasheet and white papers at Information is also available from Metrowerks by telephone at 800-377-5416 or +1-512-997-4700, and by email at Pricing and availability outside the U.S. and Canada is available by contacting Metrowerks International Sales Offices listed at or by email request to

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