Agilent Technologies Lowers Cost of Test for Printed Circuit Boards

4/2/2003 - Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) announced several new capabilities to its automated optical inspection (AOI) line, large-board imaging, Intelligent Test software, and vectorless test. These innovative manufacturing test solutions address the industry's primary challenge of lowering the overall cost of test in printed-circuit boards (PCBs).

Agilent SJ50 Series II AOI - Revolutionary New Solid Shape Modeling
The Agilent SJ50 Series II, the next-generation model of its leading automated optical inspection (AOI) solution, is the industry's first AOI system with Solid Shape Modeling. This new technology produces more realistic images of components and solder joints through patent-pending, three-dimensional shape analysis. Through unprecedented image processing and analysis techniques, it delivers the highest possible call accuracy, significant reduction in repair time, and an overall reduction in cost of test.

The SJ50 Series II includes a new unified platform, which allows manufacturers to change an optical-based SJ50 AOI system into a laser-based SP50 solder-paste inspection system through a single, interchangeable system head. The exchange can also be made from an SP50 to SJ50 and can be performed on customer sites. This is the industry's only platform to offer this degree of flexibility, which optimizes asset utilization, providing the highest level of investment protection. Agilent's unified platform gives the manufacturer the ability to adapt test strategies and applications to changing production requirements while leveraging training and support.

The SJ50 Series II is also the industry's first AOI system with two complete software engines, combining the high call accuracy of feature extraction algorithms with the ease of programming of geometric pattern matching algorithms.

More information about Agilent's AOI offerings is available at

New Large-Board Imaging Models
Expanding on Agilent's leading X-ray test technology, the new Agilent 5DX Series 5000XL provides superior fault coverage and higher quality capabilities for testing large (up to 24 by 40 inches) (610 mm by 1016 mm) complex PCBs, such as those used in next-generation communications systems. Featuring over 90 percent fault coverage, the 5000XL is the most effective solution for defect containment at post-reflow. The 5000XL also allows customers to test larger, thicker and heavier boards with taller components, find defects in solder joints, and achieve superior fault coverage that results in higher quality, lower warranty repair costs, and lower scrap costs.

The Agilent SJ50 Series II XL AOI system also has the flexibility to inspect large boards up to 24 inches (610 mm) square, coupled with all the capabilities of the new Agilent SJ50 Series II, including Solid Shape Modeling.

Agilent Quality Tool with Intelligent Drill Down
The Agilent Quality Tool provides immediate, usable feedback to the line engineer or operator who monitors and troubleshoots PCB test and inspection, repair and assembly processes. The innovative tool provides comprehensive, real-time information that can be used to identify manufacturing bottlenecks, increase first-pass yields, and decrease overall manufacturing costs.

The Agilent Quality Tool produces charts for easy review of the efficiency and quality of the test and repair cell process, including detailed defect information and analysis of false calls. Real-time process alarms quickly pinpoint specific defects, enabling faster corrective action.

The Agilent Quality Tool's patent-pending intelligent drill down technology is just one click down from each chart, and automatically generates a deeper view of the information most likely needed to determine root causes. It leverages Agilent's manufacturing expertise and problem-solving experience to minimize the operator training needed to identify areas for process improvement.

The Agilent Quality Tool runs on the Agilent Intelligent Test Framework (ITF), the XML-based platform that allows connectivity to manufacturers' internal quality and manufacturing execution systems. The ITF provides a central data store for Agilent test and inspection systems and the Agilent Repair Tool. Used with the Agilent ITF, the Agilent Quality Tool provides an expandable, scalable solution that can be sized to the manufacturing environment.

More information about the Agilent Quality Tool is available at

Agilent Vectorless Test EP - the Next-Generation TestJet
Agilent Vectorless Test EP (extended performance) is the newly enhanced unpowered, capacitive probe test capability for the Agilent 3070 in-circuit test series. It offers up to 50 percent improved pin coverage over Agilent's current, industry-leading TestJet -- more coverage than any other vectorless test solution. Based on Agilent's current TestJet, Agilent Vectorless Test EP provides accurate electrical test coverage for BGAs and micro-BGAs. By automating the formerly manual task of adjusting test limits for each pin on a device (frequently up to 400 or more each), what once took hours of test debug time now takes minutes.

Agilent will showcase these and other products at booth no. 3241 at APEX 2003 in Anaheim, Calif. Further information is available in the online media kit at

About Agilent Technologies
Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) is a global technology leader in communications, electronics and life sciences. The company's 35,000 employees serve customers in more than 110 countries. Agilent had net revenue of $6 billion in fiscal year 2002. Information about Agilent is available on the Web at

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