Anritsu Add Enhancements to Scorpion Vector Network Measurement System

4/2/2003 - Anritsu Company introduces new calibration flexibility, free automation software and additional upgrade paths for its Scorpion Vector Network Measurement System (VNMS). With these enhancements, Scorpion's industry-leading active measurement capabilities have been expanded to accurately characterize next-generation devices and modules for 2.5G, 3G, and Wi-Fi applications.

Flexible CalT is a new calibration feature that offers flexibility when using multi-port calibrations (i.e. 3-, 4- or n-port). With Flexible Cal, a multi-port calibration can be quickly subdivided so only the required sweeps are taken for accurate measurements. This saves valuable time when simultaneously testing multiple devices, as well as when analyzing multi-port devices in which not every path is of interest. Both scenarios are becoming prevalent in the more integrated and hybridized RF market. Flexible Cal can be used with the 4-port MS462xD, as well as the Scorpion MS462xB and Direct Receiver Access (DRA) MS462xC models designed for 2-port and 3-port applications.

Anritsu has also added a noise figure measurement upgrade path to the 4-port and DRA configurations to accommodate active test requirements. With this powerful upgrade path, these configurations can now conduct noise figure measurements up to 6 GHz on critical RF components used in handsets, including Low Noise Amplifiers.

The Flexible Cal and noise figure enhancements provide synergy with the existing measurement capabilities of the recently introduced MS462xD. This 4-port model contains powerful simulation tools that perform real-time Mixed-Mode S-parameter analysis for next-generation balanced devices. With the overall measurement capabilities of the MS462xD, the Scorpion family can now reveal virtually any component's true performance more thoroughly than any other instrument in its class.

As part of the enhancements, Anritsu is now including its intelligent Scorpion Navigator software with every Scorpion VNMS. Scorpion Navigator improves the time-consuming and often tedious setup, calibration, measurement, and reporting activities typically associated with passive and active tests. With Windows® compatibility, Scorpion Navigator is easily installed on most computers, providing immediate access to a suite of measurements involving single-tone, two-tone, and modulated measurement tools. Scorpion Navigator also contains advanced algorithms that can optimize settings, orchestrate calibrations, avoid damaging situations and flexibly display results, so users can concentrate on optimizing performance in terms of gain, match and linearity versus power.

About Anritsu Company
Founded more than a century ago, Anritsu Corporation is one of the world's largest providers of technology solutions, employing 4,000 professionals in 18 countries. Named one of Business Week's InfoTech 100 top information technology companies, Anritsu has four divisions that address communications test and measurement, network solutions, components and devices, and industrial automation. The Measurement Solutions group provides tools for the analysis of wired and wireless technologies, including fiber, microwaves/RF, optical, and digital mobile radio. Anritsu's North and South American operations are headquartered in Richardson, TX. For more information, call 1-800-ANRITSU or visit us on the Web at

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