Sky Computers Introduces SMART Systems Data Acquisition Server

4/2/2003 - SKY Computers® Inc., a subsidiary of Analogic Corporation (NASDAQ: ALOG), launched the SMART SystemsTM family, the first high performance embedded computer systems built to enable quick application implementation and high application availability. The first SMART Systems products introduced by SKY are the SMARTpacTM 500 data acquisition server and SMARTpac 1200 compute server.

The SMART Systems family employs the latest 1 GHz AltiVec PowerPC processors and an InfiniBand system fabric that provides data throughput of up to 1 GB/sec, which is essential for demanding applications such as radar processing, electronic intelligence, and industrial inspection. The SMARTpac 500 is an ideal solution for front-end data acquisition, while the SMARTpac 1200 delivers high performance for computationally intensive signal processing and image analysis. Both servers are based on SKY’s SMART Systems Architecture, which combine widely accepted software, hardware, and interconnect standards and open source software.

“Ensuring that applications are reliable, available and easily scalable are primary requirements in mission-critical environments such as military and defense, homeland security and software defined radio,” said Don Barry, president of SKY Computers. “With the launch of the SMART Systems family, SKY Computers has taken the lead in addressing those needs by leveraging the unique capabilities of our intelligent system architecture.”

SMART Systems Product Overview
The SMARTpac 500 is a 2U slide mountable chassis that includes five compute or I/O blades and three InfiniBand connections. Each blade includes a 1 GHz MPC7455 AltiVec processor and a PMC site to easily leverage third party I/O options. The SMARTpac 500 is ideal as the front-end data acquisition and processing engine for applications of large, real-time data streams.

The SMARTpac 1200 is a 3U compute server that includes 12 compute blades and up to six InfiniBand connections. Each compute blade includes a 1 GHz MPC7445 AltiVec processor. This powerful, high density processing system provides the compute power to process the most complex real-time algorithms.

The SMARTpac 500 and the SMARTpac 1200 are designed as complementary systems, with the SMARTpac 500 addressing front-end data acquisition needs, and the SMARTpac 1200 providing the back-end computational horsepower.

The 19” rack mountable SMARTpac family of systems utilize the InfiniBand interconnect throughout the system yielding high bandwidth, low latency and secure data communications. SKY’s SMART Systems product family delivers the highest levels of reliability, availability, scalability, and performance required to deploy mission-critical applications into embedded environments.

SMART Systems Architecture Overview
The SMART Systems Architecture consists of a development environment that provides quick application construction and refinement, and a runtime environment that enables applications to achieve a high level of service. This system-wide architecture is designed to deliver high compute performance and interconnect bandwidth. Built on open source software and standard technologies such as Linux, InfiniBandTM, MPI, VSIPL and Corba, SMART Systems reduce development time and accelerate time to deployment.

The SMART Architecture is built with an intelligent fabric that can be configured to react to changes in its environment. In addition, the SMART Architecture employs tightly integrated hardware and software components that continually monitor the health of the system, a critical function in delivering high application availability. By offering proven development tools and libraries, SMART Systems are high performance systems that are easier and less expensive to develop, deploy and maintain.

“SKY Computers’ SMART Systems Architecture reflects the changing requirements of high performance embedded computing users who are demanding more than system performance,” said Will Strauss, president and analyst at Forward Concepts. “SKY Computers is addressing the need for embedded systems that are resilient, manageable and adaptable to changes in a production or deployed environment.”

Pricing and Availability
The SMARTpac 500 is priced at $29,500 for a fully-configured, five-processor system. Pricing for the SMARTpac 1200 is dependent on configuration requirements. Both SMARTpac 500 and SMARTpac 1200 will be available in Fall of 2003.

About SKY Computers, Inc.
SKY Computers, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Analogic Corporation, is the leading supplier of standards-based embedded high performance computer systems. SKY’s broad range of commercial-off-the-shelf products meet the embedded computing requirements for high performance embedded computing applications. Standards and open source software is combined with advanced technologies to provide solutions for demanding government electronics, industrial inspection, medical imaging, and security applications.

SKY Computers is a registered trademark of SKY Computers, Inc. SMARTpac and the SMART Systems Architecture are trademarks of SKY Computers, Inc.

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