Texas Instruments Speeds into Guinness World Records Book with World's Fastest DSP

4/1/2003 - Japan's Kamato Hongo, the world's oldest woman, has seen a lot of things in her 115 years. But, she and the rest of the world have never seen a digital signal processor (DSP) that operated this fast. Texas Instruments (TI) (NYSE:TXN) joined Hongo on the pages of the Guinness World RecordsTM Book when TI unveiled the world's fastest DSP. A member of the TMS320C64xTM generation of high-performance DSP chips, the new TMS320C6416 DSP has a clock rate of 720 MHz (or 720 million cycles per second). To view the new record, please visit: www.ti.com/guinnessworldrecords.

No other DSP supplier has come close to this 720MHz performance level in production, with most operating at or below 300MHz to date. And, unlike records such as the Fastest Towing of a Mobile Home - 128.86 mph if you must know - TI's new, record-setting DSP will enable practical applications. This high end signal processing performance will allow engineers to increase throughput, improve quality, lower system cost, and add innovative new features to the latest electronic end equipments that serve as the backbone for our emerging digital world of entertainment and communications. Also, medical imaging will tap this performance to deliver diagnosis quality that was unachievable up until this point.

It's been thirty years since Martin Cooper made his historic first cellular phone call to his rival at Bell Labs. Five years later, when Texas Instruments introduced the 'Speak and Spell', they paved the way for single-chip digital signal processors," said David Hawksett, head of science and technology at Guinness World Records. "Today, this technology is everywhere, and people can now send live video, as well as voice, over a cellular phone. Considering the current pace of research in this field, this is not a record I expect to remain static for long."

Based on the TMS320C64x DSP core, this 720 MHz part was developed using a 130 nanometer (nm) semiconductor production process, which allows TI to make smaller and faster chips than ever before. These breakthrough chips have architectural enhancements for video imaging, an unprecedented 1MB of on chip high-speed memory, 3G wireless acceleration coprocessors and high-speed input/output peripherals that speed the transfer and processing of digital data.

DSP performance leadership recognition from Guinness World Records is a feather in our cap since the Guinness Book of World Records is a modern cultural icon and a household name," said Leon Adams, worldwide DSP product marketing manager, Texas Instruments. "It's a great honor, and we humbly accept it with one request: enter it in pencil, because we plan on breaking our own record again and again."

Guinness World Records is a broadly recognized global leader in world records. No other enterprise collects, confirms, accredits and presents world record data with the same investment in comprehensiveness and authenticity. The book has gone on to become a record breaker in its own right. With sales of more than 95 million copies in 100 different countries and 37 languages, Guinness World Records is the world's best selling copyright book.

Texas Instruments Incorporated provides innovative DSP and analog technologies to meet our customers' real world signal processing requirements. In addition to Semiconductor, the company's businesses include Sensors & Controls, and Educational & Productivity Solutions. TI is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and has manufacturing, design or sales operations in more than 25 countries.

Texas Instruments is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol TXN. More information is located on the World Wide Web at www.ti.com.

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