BittWare's Barracuda-PMC+ in EDN Magazine's Top 100 Products List

4/1/2003 - Bittware's Barracuda-PMC+ board was recently featured in the "Hot Products of 2002" feature story in the December 12 issue of EDN Magazine. In this annual feature, EDN editors select the top 100 products they have presented during the past year that really stand out as helping design engineers do their jobs better, faster, smarter, or differently.

About the Barracuda-PMC+
The Barracuda-PMC+ is a high-speed analog input card that provides data capture for two 14-bit, 105 MHz A/D channels and streams the digitized analog signals to a Virtex-II FPGA. Samples can then be buffered in a bank of up to 512 MB of SDRAM (256 Msamples), or streamed directly out via the SHARC link ports available on the PMC+ interface. In addition to providing A/D control and data distribution, the FPGA is also available for configurable preprocessing of the A/D data via a variety of third party IP cores, making the Barracuda-PMC+ a highly flexible solution for nearly any data acquisition application.

The 64-bit, 66 MHz PCI interface, along with the large sample buffer, addresses applications requiring generic high bandwidth and data buffering, while the SHARC link port interfaces offer tight integration options for low-latency applications. When coupled with one of BittWare's Tiger family base boards, the Barracuda-PMC+ can continuously stream out 420 MBytes/sec (210 MSamples/sec) via the PMC+ link ports, providing unprecedented output bandwidth.

IP Cores for the Barracuda
The Virtex-II is available for configurable preprocessing of high-speed A/D data, such as digital filtering, decimation, and digital down conversion. In addition to the plethora of standard cores available for the Virtex-II, BittWare has partnered with QinetiQ, Europe's largest science and technology research solutions provider, to provide an optional digital radar receiver core for the Barracuda. QinetiQ can also provide other IP cores and signal processing FPGA customization services.

Available Software Development Tools
BittWare offers complete software development tools that allow designers to easily develop application code and integrate the Barracuda-PMC+ into their systems. For user-configured pre-processing, XILINX also provides a complete suite of development tools for the Virtex-II. BittWare offers a Barracuda developer's kit for the Virtex-II that includes the VHDL source code for the A/D, link port, and local bus interfaces.

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