CodeScape Supports SuperH Microprocessors with DashProbe 2.0

3/31/2003 - CodeScape, the specialist embedded tools arm of Imagination Technologies plc, announced that DashProbe, the eXDI plug-in for hardware-assisted debugging for SuperH microprocessors, now supports Platform Builder 4.0 and Windows CE .NET 4.1.

The DashProbe eXDI plug-in for Microsoft® Platform Builder 4.0 enables a DASH Target Interface to be used for hardware-assisted debugging for Windows® CE development.

DashProbe is for use with the DASH, an intelligent Development Interface for SH3 and SH4 processors. The DASH uses the on-chip debug features to provide full control of the processor and any peripherals attached to it. Additional plug-ins can take advantage of the extensive features these provide to further enhance the debugging capabilities of Platform Builder.

DASH also provides complete low-level debug support, such as ROM-less boot, and high performance communications channels with the target. The DASH is fully networkable and uses H-UDI (JTAG) to communicate with the target at up to 1.5Mbytes/s and via Ethernet with the host at up to 1Mbyte/s. DashProbe greatly increases communication speeds (using JTAG), simplifies board design, and extends the debugging capabilities of Platform Builder to enhance Windows CE and Windows CE .NET development.

Says Ian Oliver, VP of Development, CodeScape: "All tasks for developing a custom Windows CE operating system are greatly assisted when Platform Builder is coupled with the extended debug functions and increased communication speeds of DashProbe."

Boards and processors supported by DashProbe include: R2 development platform (SH7727); EBX (SH7709A, SH7729, SH7750) and EBX (SH7709A, SH7729, SH7750).

Also available for use with DASH is CodeScape®, the widely respected advanced embedded development tool. Supporting the complete development cycle, from hardware testing to firmware and application development, CodeScape is increasingly preferred for application development in fields such as car information systems and networking appliances.

Among the many features of CodeScape are advanced code profiling and processor simulation tools, allowing easy measurement and tuning of application performance without instrumentation, enabling developers to create a superior end product.

CodeScape includes software tools and hardware interfaces to fully exploit the on-chip debug capabilities of each supported processor. Processors supported by CodeScape include over 20 different SH devices across the SH-2, SH-2e, SH-DSP, SH-3, SH3-DSP, and SH-4 families.

CodeScape, CodeScape Professional, DASH, and DashProbe are available now from DASH is also available from Hitachi distributors.

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