Multi-Chip Module Touts On-board DSP, FPGA, and 400Mbit/sec Firewire Interface

3/31/2003 - Traquair Data Systems, Inc. announced the availability of the ultra-compact UC1394a-1 Firewire interface and embedded DSP multi-chip module. The UC1394a-1 is the first in a series of ready to use embedded Firewire peripheral interface devices that provide straightforward and easy-to-use Firewire connectivity and processing solutions for camera, sensor, and embedded system developers.

Implemented as a tiny 30x36mm PLCC surface mount (SMT) device, the UC1394a-1 combines all of the resources necessary to interface and control just about any hardware peripheral. An on-board Texas Instruments TMS320C5509 DSP Processor operating at 200 MHz, a Xilinx 50kGate Spartan®-II FPGA, and 400Mbit/sec dual port IEEE 1394a Firewire interface, together with a wide variety of serial, analog, and configurable digital I/O resources, provide developers with software programmable capabilities for IEEE 1394a Firewire connectivity, embedded peripheral control, signal processing, and image processing.

ultra-compact UC1394a-1 Multi-chip Module
ultra-compact multi-chip modules can be used as plug and play or programmable resources. Plug and play configurations allow developers to integrate application hardware with Firewire without any software development effort and without the need for IEEE 1394 Firewire design expertise. As a programmable resource, the developer is presented with a uniquely flexible embedded processing and connectivity solution. DSP resident application specific software can be developed utilizing the Texas Instruments TMS320C5000TM DSP version of Code Composer StudioTM Integrated Development Environment (IDE), with high-level Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) provided for Firewire communications, integration of digital cameras for DCAM compliant Firewire operation, and utilization of DCAM compliant cameras via Firewire.

UC1394a EVM kits supporting plug & play and programmable Firewire operation, as well as DCAM Frame-grabber development are also available. Combining a multi-chip module carrier board, UC1394a-1 multi-chip module, and all necessary cables and accessories, the EVM kits offer developers a complete out of the box solution for beginning development with ultra-compact multi-chip modules.

Soon to be released daughter cards compatible with the Texas Instruments DSP Starter Kit (DSK) expansion interface will provide many of the benefits of ultra-compact technology to be accessible from TMS320C2000TM DSP, C5000TM DSP, and TMS320C6000TM DSP development platforms.

“Ultra-compact technology allows developers to utilize Firewire with little to no software development effort or Firewire design expertise.” said Stephen J. Bradshaw, President of Traquair. “Ultimately, it allows developers to get their designs to market more quickly and with less effort.”

"With system integration pre-configured, and programmable DSP flexibility, the UC1394a-1 multi-chip module provides a minimal design effort and fast time to market solution for IEEE 1394a FireWire connectivity" said Leon Adams, worldwide manager for DSP product marketing at Texas Instruments. "These ultra-compact multi-chip modules leverage the latest Texas Instruments DSP processor and FireWire device interface technology.”

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