Vertel Supports G.7712, Latest Optical Network Management Standard

3/28/2003 - Vertel Corporation (OTCBB:VRTL), a leading provider of convergent network mediation and management solutions, announced that M*Ware(TM) 6.2.1, the upcoming release of Vertel's platform, is ready to support the new network management standard G.7712, approved on March 12, 2003 by ITU SG15.

Major equipment vendors such as Lucent, Tellabs, Nortel and Marconi collaborated to define the G.7712 standard, which will be used for network management, signaling and routing traffic in SONET/SDH, OTN and DWDM networks. For the industry, G.7712 is important, since it enables intelligent optical networks with combined IP-managed and OSI-managed equipment. The standard is also a key building block for (G) MPLS, a protocol that ensures optimal routing and best network resource usage in combined IP, optical and circuit switching networks.

"Operators are considering migrating to IP-based management to reduce cost; however simply replacing existing networks with new equipment is often not feasible for them. Integrating new IP-based equipment into existing OSI managed networks using G.7712 offers the ideal migration scenario with guaranteed backward compatibility," said Dave Baumgarten, SVP Engineering and Operations at Vertel.

The G.7712 standard is also critical for vendors of network edge devices. It allows for easy transport of network management traffic to these devices via the core optical switches without the need to create expensive and complicated overlay networks. "Vertel's embedded telecommunication stacks (ETS) are inside many different vendors' equipment. By offering G.7712 support now, our customers can be first to market with new solutions," added Mr. Baumgarten.

Vertel provides an industry standard implementation of G.7712 augmented by key specialist software components developed by Aisling Design Services, a leader in IP encapsulation technology.

Vertel's M*Ware is the only completely standards-based solution, which consolidates network management, mediation, electronic bonding gateway applications and multi-technology protocol stacks into a single, seamless product suite. Complete applications are configured using loosely coupled, dynamically activated services and adaptors. M*Ware is NG-OSS compliant and offers important new features like 3GPP, for next generation wireless services and MTNM, for multi-vendor SDH/SONET & ATM networks.

About Vertel
Vertel is a leading provider of Network Mediation and Management solutions. Since 1995, Vertel has provided solutions to over 300 companies, including telecom infrastructure vendors, operators and service providers such as Alcatel, AT&T, BT, Cingular, Deutsche Telekom, Lucent, Motorola, Nokia, Nortel, NTT, Samsung, Siemens, Verizon and WilTel.

Vertel's in-depth knowledge and commitment to industry standards, combined with experience of working with many different equipment types, allows the creation of high performance solutions that enable customers to quickly overcome technological barriers. For more information on Vertel or its products, contact Vertel at 21300 Victory Boulevard, Suite 700, Woodland Hills, California 91367; telephone: 818 227-1400; fax: 818 598-0047 or visit

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