Parasoft's WebKing 4.0 Automates Error Prevention for Web Teams

3/28/2003 - Parasoft, the leading provider of Automated Error Prevention software and solutions, announced the release of WebKing 4.0. WebKing is a comprehensive tool that automates the most critical error prevention practices for Web development teams: static analysis, functional testing and load testing. WebKing helps organizations automatically verify the functionality, performance and accessibility of their Web sites and applications, as well as verify specialized requirements, all without writing a single script.

Reliable Web sites and Web applications are critical for businesses in any industry. As complexity increases and industry standards continue to evolve, Web teams need automated tools to help them test the scalability and performance of their applications and enforce coding standards. "Parasoft is committed to helping companies ensure the reliability and functionality of their Web applications," said Parasoft CEO, Dr. Adam Kolawa. "WebKing enables organizations to prevent errors that could affect the user experience, saving companies the embarrassment and loss of business that can result from Web site failures."

What’s New in Version 4.0
WebKing’s new automatic static analysis feature serves as an automated code review, inspecting source files to pinpoint code that could reduce application accessibility, functionality and usability or impair transformations and updates. During static analysis, WebKing analyzes Web sites to automatically:

New functional testing and regression testing features verify that designated user paths execute correctly. WebKing can record an application's most popular paths by analyzing server log files, and can automatically generate unique paths or record paths defined using a path-creator browser.

An enhanced load testing feature provides intelligent virtual users and sophisticated ready-to-run load test scenarios to test the scalability of web applications. This feature is easily customized to use different user paths, tools, traffic combinations and load distributions, and can include realistic scenarios based on an analysis of server log files. It can also distribute virtual users across remote server machines to simulate extremely large loads or test from different locations.

New data source support allows users to populate forms with values from an existing data source, streamlining the form population process and increasing the scope and comprehensiveness of functional testing. WebKing can populate form input elements with data sources such as:

New integration with the Parasoft Global Reporting System (GRS), a component of Parasoft Enterprise Solutions, which collects and synthesizes results from WebKing and other Parasoft or third party tools. Team members and leaders can easily view and analyze activity related to a given team, project or developer.

WebKing 4.0 is available for Windows 2000/XP, Linux and Solaris. WebKing is available as a stand-alone tool and also as part of the Parasoft Web Application Solution. WebKing starts at $3995 (single user, machine locked). Solutions are customized to each project's needs, so pricing will vary. Pricing is the suggested list for the United States only.

About Parasoft
Founded in 1987, Parasoft provides Automated Error Prevention tools that help companies improve their software development processes. The Parasoft family of Automated Error Prevention tools includes Jtest, Jcontract, CodeWizard, C++Test, Insure++, WebKing, SOAPtest and DataRecon. These tools assist teams working on C/C++, Java, Web, and enterprise applications to significantly reduce costs by shortening development cycles, improving overall quality and reducing time-to-market. Parasoft is a privately funded company, which has been granted eight patents and numerous awards. Parasoft is headquartered in Monrovia, CA. Telephone (888) 305-0041. Fax (626) 305-3036. Email to URL:

WebKing and Parasoft are registered trademarks of Parasoft.

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