Billionton's Bluetooth Modem Powered by CSR's BlueCore Technology

3/27/2003 - CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio) announced that Billionton has launched a Bluetooth V.90, 56K modem using CSR's BlueCore single-chip technology. The Billionton BT56R modem is aimed at home and small office users and can be plugged into any telephone port providing Bluetooth-enabled PDAs, desktop and notebook PCs with a simple and inexpensive wireless network via a dial-up connection to the internet. The modem is available online at

Based on CSR's BlueCore V.90 Access example design, the BT56R offers Class 1 Bluetooth performance with a range of up to 100m; this is more than sufficient for use in the home or small office and equivalent to the range of an 802.11b WiFi network yet with much lower power demands on the portable device. Many mobile phones are now Bluetooth-enabled as are PDAs and notebook PCs. Desktop PCs with Bluetooth on the motherboard will hit the market soon, but in the interim, low-cost USB adapters are readily available to Bluetooth-enable existing PCs.

Such a low cost and simple wireless network using Bluetooth allows home users to benefit from the flexibility of their portable devices. For example, a user can surf the internet or access email whilst sat in the garden, then send documents wirelessly to a Bluetooth-enabled printer. Bluetooth’s ad-hoc nature also means that a PDA can be synchronised unconsciously with a desktop PC; updated news content or emails can be loaded onto the PDA via the internet. Because the BT56R removes the need for cables between PC and telephone port, multiple users can also access the internet simultaneously, so that a parent and child could both work out of the home office and on school work simultaneously via a single dial up connection, thus sharing the available bandwidth.

Ken Chiu, Vice President, Billionton commented, "Billionton provides products that allow users creativity and flexibility without losing sight of usability and reliability. For this reason we chose CSR’s BlueCore solution. As the market leaders in Bluetooth technology, CSR has proven that innovative ideas can always be realised with a sturdy and robust technology as its backbone."

Billionton's compact and lightweight modem offers a V.90 standard capable of 56k internet connection. It has a fax transfer send and receive rate of up to 14.4 kbps in addition to communications software that is compatible with AT commands.

CSR's BlueCore V.90 Access design is a ready-engineered example for a point-to-point Bluetooth access point. At its heart is an embedded system which focuses on reducing Bluetooth costs to a minimum. More information about the BlueCore V.90 Access example design used for the Billionton modem is available at:

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