Symmetry Innovations Supports for PAR4CH Data Acquisition System

3/27/2003 - Symmetry Innovations Pty Ltd announced that its IO-ADC QNX® Neutrino®-based data acquisition framework supports Symmetric Research Ltd's (Kirkland, WA) PAR4CH data acquisition system. Symmetry Innovations will promote the solution globally, offering customers the choice of binary and source-code products.

"Symmetry Innovations' IO-ADC solution continues to enhance QNX Neutrino's long-standing reputation as the platform of choice for control applications," said Kimm Krueger, director, Indirect Channels, QNX Software Systems. "The QNX resource manager framework adopted in the IO-ADC solution ensures maximum flexibility under QNX Neutrino - allowing the DAQ system to be inherently network distributed, thus making it ideal for large control systems that rely on QNX OS technology."

Symmetry Innovations first developed the software for the QNX 4 RTOS for Solar Technology Australia, and subsequently ported to QNX Neutrino for the Australian Geological Survey Organisation (AGSO). The software takes full advantage of the QNX microkernel architecture, for a fundamentally reliable and flexible solution for customers.

"Symmetric Research's cost-effective DAQ systems were an obvious choice for us to deliver on the requirements of our customers," said Robert Cameron, managing director at Symmetry Innovations. "SR's DAQ systems feature high-resolution (24 bit) in an 'A/D per channel' architecture, with exceptionally low crosstalk - an architecture usually found only in much more expensive systems. In developing IO-ADC, our view was to develop software for maximum flexibility, and one that would scale from single to multi-node control systems. The QNX resource manager framework is perfect to achieve that goal. As a result, the solution allows any application on the network to access the DAQ system as if it were local - no coding changes required."

"QNX has an enviable reputation in the industry for its use in highly reliable industrial control systems - from chemical processing to oil rig control," said Kip Wyss, director of marketing at Symmetric Research. "We are pleased that Symmetry Innovations' IO-ADC solution allows QNX developers to choose our PAR4CH DAQ system for their control applications.

Pricing and Availability
The PAR4CH QNX 6 resource manager framework is available as a binary site license for US$1995.00. Full source code is also available as a site license for US$4995.00. Both options include 12 months support and maintenance updates. For ordering information contact Symmetry Innovations (

PAR4CH DAQ system hardware starts at US$550.00. For ordering information contact Symmetric Research (

About Symmetry Innovations
Established in 1997, Symmetry Innovations is a leading embedded technology vendor and service provider in Australasia, addressing a wide range of requirements across many market sectors. Through its technology expertise and products, Symmetry has assisted in many successful customer projects - including solar farms, pumping systems, routers, navigation systems, plant control systems, autonomous vehicles, and medical devices. Symmetry is part of the QNX Solutions Network. Visit

About Symmetric Research
Symmetric Research has been designing and manufacturing A/D and DSP hardware since 1986 for industrial installations around the world. The company's expertise in data acquisition and digital signal processing has resulted in products tailored and refined to work optimally in the PC environment. Visit

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