Fujitsu Introduces FDX Compact and Mini DSLAMs for Rural xDSL

3/26/2003 - Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe Ltd, the leading supplier of high performance telecommunications solutions, announces the introduction of its FDX Compact and FDX Mini DSLAMs. This continues the company's development of its successful FDX xDSL Access Platform - a product already widely deployed for ADSL service delivery in the UK. The new DSLAMs are designed to ease the provision of xDSL services in smaller exchange sites, such as in rural locations. They provide a least-cost start-up route for operators by minimising the initial hardware and installation overheads. Both the new systems reflect the industry-leading line-density capability of the FDX xDSL Access Platform, and offer scalability for future expansion. They also support ADSL and SHDSL connections for optimum flexibility.

FDX Compact
The FDX Compact preserves the same architecture as Fujitsu's FDX xDSL Access Platform, in a more economical format. It is designed specifically to reduce the up-front equipment and installation costs in smaller exchange and hostel sites. The new product's FDX-compatible format uses the principal FDX components - Switch Hub, LCSS (Line Card Sub System) and Splitter Modules - ensuring operators can benefit from the modules' interchangeability and further economies of scale.

The FDX Compact can be easily incorporated into the existing rack-space within exchange buildings to save on infrastructure costs. The system can support up to nine LCSS Modules, capable of managing up to 279 customer lines. Further expansion is allowed for, with the FDX Compact's architecture capable of future scalability up to a total of 620 lines. The system can also be supplied with E1 IMA auxiliary interfaces, which will enable the subtending of remote FDX Mini DSLAMs.

FDX Mini
Conceived as the most compact xDSL solution, Fujitsu's FDX Mini is designed for deployment in the smallest of exchange sites or hostels. Its small size enables it to be housed in a number of different rack systems. The architecture of the FDX Mini accommodates either ADSL or SHDSL line card modules, and a total of 24 xDSL customers can be connected by a single chassis. An expansion unit can also be cascaded, to enable up to 56 xDSL users to be serviced from a single FDX Mini system. The design also allows for future scalability up to 112 lines per system, and supports E1 and E1 IMA interfaces to enable the highly cost-effective provision of backhaul bandwidth.

The FDX Mini incorporates a number of self-contained modules, which together enable easy migration and service introduction. Its IMA module utilises an ATM switch fabric and is responsible for the traffic management between up to eight E1 Network Interfaces and the line card modules. A Splitter module provides the POTS splitter functionality. Fujitsu has already deployed the FDX Mini in both China and Malaysia, with over 60,000 lines connected.

Fujitsu has a long-standing reputation for innovation relating to xDSL technology developments, and has demonstrated a continuing commitment to reduce the costs of broadband deployment, as exemplified by the FDX Compact and FDX Mini. Fujitsu's market-leading FDX xDSL Access Platform offers support for multiple services, including emulated voice over DSL (VoDSL), video on demand and live television. The FDX concept is complemented by a range of fibre access solutions, customer premises equipment and a complete range of turnkey network services - enabling Fujitsu to offer unrivalled support for the deployment of broadband access networks.

About Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe
Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe Limited is the largest supplier of Broadband Access equipment in the United Kingdom and is Fujitsu's worldwide design location for access network solutions - including a centre of excellence for the development of Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) technology.

Headquartered in Birmingham, UK, Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe is focused on providing strategic end-to-end solutions, supported by complete turnkey services. Fujitsu is playing a fundamental role in the creation of "Broadband Britain" - from world-leading products and technology, through project planning, community liaison, cable laying and civil engineering, to installation, implementation and ongoing maintenance. For more information, please visit:

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