Fujitsu Technology Solutions Gains Highest Ratings with Midrange Server

3/26/2003 - Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Inc. ("Fujitsu"), a member of the worldwide group of Fujitsu companies, announced best-in-class results for the PRIMEPOWERTM 900 SPARC® compatible server, on the SPECjbbTM 2000 benchmark and five new top-rated positions in SAP® Standard Application Benchmark performance. PRIMEPOWER 900 now holds the top spot in both the 16-way and 8-way configuration performance standards on the SPECjbb 2000 benchmark, and is simultaneously continuing to expand its success in the SAP arena.

Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER is known for its mainframe-like server capabilities such as hardware retry, extended partitioning, and remote monitoring. Fujitsuís PRIMEPOWER 900 recently captured the highest rating on operations per CPU among all the UNIX® categories in SPECjbb testing. The PRIMEPOWER 900 took first place in the benchmark citing 283,176 operations per second on a 16-way machine using Fujitsuís 1.35GHz SPARC64® V processor. The high-performance server also received top ranking in an 8-way system using the same SPARC64 processor, taking first place with 148,885 operations per second.

The PRIMEPOWER 900 also came out ahead in recent SAP Standard Application Benchmark testing including:

"These recent benchmark wins are a continuation of industry-leading performance outcomes from Fujitsuís PRIMEPOWER family. In this case, the PRIMEPOWER 900 has been recognized as an excellent midrange UNIX server for SAP solutions with Solaris and Oracle, as well as an excellent choice for Java based multi-tiered business computing," said Richard McCormack, vice president of product and solutions marketing for Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Inc. "Our customers demand outstanding performance, and we not only provide them with some of the most solid benchmark results in the industry, but also with better price performance and a lower total cost of ownership than our competitors."

"PRIMEPOWER continues to demonstrate its I/O database applicability by achieving best-in-class results in real-world benchmark testing," said Gerhard Kuppler, Director Corporate SAP Account, Oracle Corporation. "The raw performance and power weíve experienced running SAP applications using the Oracle database on PRIMEPOWER servers backs up the #1 ratings Fujitsu has gained in recent benchmark results."

Fujitsuís PRIMEPOWER 900 offers users the highest in overall midrange system performance, scalability and reliability in the industry. The server can be scaled from eight to 16 CPUs resulting in excellent head room and price performance when compared to competitive products. As a result, Fujitsu has experienced tremendous success in the midrange server market on a global basis. The PRIMEPOWER 900 is a true enterprise-class system delivering the management and functionality of enterprise computing machines.

In addition to the PRIMEPOWER 900, Fujitsuís PRIMEPOWER 850 and 650 are part of the family of midrange servers that have also posted world-record benchmarking results on 16-way, 8-way and 4-way systems. Fujitsuís midrange systemsí mainframe-like partitioning capabilities allow customers the unique ability to control processor power distribution for running large scale, highly transaction-oriented applications, similar to those found in financial and government institutions.

About Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Inc.:
Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Inc., headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, offers worldwide IT infrastructure solutions that encompass a range of technology solutions and fully customized managed services. Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Inc., an expert in enterprise and open systems server and storage solutions, focuses on delivering high availability, mission-critical, scalable solutions in the large-systems marketplace. Drawing on the skills and experience of Fujitsu Limited, as well as our many partner companies, Fujitsu Technology Solutions Inc. enables customers to balance the needs of rapid change and stability while maximizing the return on investment in existing and new technologies.

About the SPECjbb 2000 Benchmark
SPECjbb 2000 represents an order processing application for a wholesale supplier. The benchmark measures the performance of CPUs, caches, memory hierarchy, and SMP capability from a hardware point of view. Written in Java and released by SPEC in 2000, it was developed with participation from computer vendors, systems integrators, universities, research organizations, publishers, and consultants. SPECjbb 2000 is loosely modeled after the TPC-C benchmarkís business model, emulating a three-tier client/server system with emphasis on the middle tier. However, contrary to typical TPC-C implementations, all of SPECjbb 2000 is written in Java, and all three tiers are implemented within a single JVM. No commercial database is used; Java objects replace database objects for the purpose of this benchmark. Due to the different implementations, SPECjbb 2000 results should not be confused with TPC-C results, where Fujitsu also performs very strongly.

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