Ironwood Electronics’ New PLCC Plugs Improves Socketing and Insertion

3/26/2003 - Ironwood Electronics’ new PLCC plugs – PL-PLCC44-H-02, PL-PLCC52-H-02, PL-PLCC68-H-02, PL-PLCC84-H-02 allow higher reliability socketing and SMT insertion. These PLCC package emulators can be plugged into a PLCC socket or soldered directly onto the SMT PLCC pads using standard solder methods. These adapters are specifically designed for superior performance when plugged into a socket for two reasons – they emulate the over-center characteristic of the IC and maintain tight tolerances, similar to the IC being emulated.

Standard molded parts perform poorly in many sockets or when soldered to the PCB because they lack over-center design or good solderability. The devices are constructed with a precise lead frame assembly to accomplish the accurate PLCC package emulation. These lead frame pins are each connected to a gold plated pin that is plugged into or soldered to a daughter board assembly containing emulation or other circuitry.

Total height of the assembly is 21.95 mm from the bottom of the lead frames to the top of the gold pins. Gold pins are used for maximum reliability when plugging parts together. Applications for these parts are for PLCC emulators for Microchip, Atmel, and other microprocessors in PLCC package with 44 to 84 pins.

Pricing for the PLCC Package Emulators are as follows:

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