CodeWarrior Speeds Network App Development with PowerQUICC III Studio

3/25/2003 - Metrowerks, a Motorola company (NYSE:MOT), announced availability of CodeWarriorTM Development Studio, PowerQUICCTM III Edition, an integrated development environment (IDE) for the entire development cycle from support, research and evaluation to final product or end reference designs based on Motorola’s PowerQUICC IIITM System-on-Chip Architecture (SoC) including the MPC8540 and MPC8560 devices containing PowerPC® cores.

The CodeWarrior Development Studio, PowerQUICC III Edition was engineered to give customers access to an integrated, comprehensive product offering targeted for the access, edge and core segments of the NetComm market. The offering is attractive for customers who use more than one RTOS, enabling the RTOS to be better targeted to the solution rather than trying to fit one RTOS to all solutions.

Metrowerks offers the hardware and software to enable easy and seamless transitions in the development cycle from support, research and evaluation to final product or end reference design. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Motorola, and the Motorola recommended solution, Metrowerks is uniquely able to offer development tools that are available prior to silicon availability, so that developers can get started on their designs immediately. This not only helps speed deployment of applications, but also allows developers to take advantage of tighter SoC integration, and high performing core and Communications Processor Module (CPM) speeds. Furthermore, the CodeWarrior Development Studio, PowerQUICC III Edition ships with integrated support for the e500 Instruction Set Simulator (ISS), designed to provide customers the ability to develop and test code with the ISS prior to testing with the actual silicon.

The CodeWarrior Development Studio, PowerQUICC III Edition consists of three editions: Application Development Edition, Platform Development Edition and Hardware Development Edition, for a more cost-effective approach to the complete development cycle. Each of these editions incorporate the CodeWarrior IDE, the newest compiler, debugger, and PowerTAP® PRO in-circuit-emulator, along with ADS evaluation boards, operating systems, protocol stacks and application code and was designed to fully support the PowerQUICC IIITM family of processors. Combining these components into a single development studio is designed to allow developers to perform hardware evaluation and bring-up of the PowerQUICC III processor, RTOS kernel development and adaptation to PowerQUICC III designs and application development on RTOS/ PowerQUICC III targets for embedded Linux® operating system and OSE real-time operating system.

Selecting one development studio for the entire development process helps to reduce user costs and encourages immediate deployment of new products using the PowerQUICC III silicon as soon as it is available.

"With the introduction of the CodeWarrior Development Studio, PowerQUICC III Edition, the developers of network systems can improve time-to-market by researching, evaluating and prototyping prior to committing to their own hardware design," said Peter Dawson, founder and chairman of IneoQuest Technologies. “Working closely with Metrowerks, IneoQuest is able to provide tools that can create real world network traffic, thus further enhancing the CodeWarrior Development Studio, PowerQUICC III Edition. This allows the development engineer to determine system throughput at a much earlier stage in the process. This becomes increasingly important as networks move into the Gigabit range and beyond.”

“As technology evolves, companies need complete solutions to bring products to market as soon as the silicon is available,” said Jim Welch, president and CEO of Metrowerks. "Metrowerks is uniquely equipped to enable developers with the tools they need to bring a fully-tested and operational reference design using the power of Motorola processors to the Netcom market."

The Metrowerks CodeWarrior Development Studio PowerQUICC III Edition supports both the MPC8540 and the MPC8560, the first PowerQUICC III devices containing the e500 PowerPC ISA core. With its high degree of integrated functionality, the MPC8560 makes an ideal solution for integrated control and forwarding plane processing in multi-service access platforms, central office switching and transmission, wireless infrastructure, gigabit and terabit routers, voice gateway products, IP Virtual Private Networks and optical networking equipment. Balancing processor performance with I/O system throughput, the MPC8540 is a powerful control element for network routers and switches, storage subsystems, network appliances, and print and imaging devices.

"Immediate availability of the CodeWarrior Development Studio, PowerQUICC III Edition is expected to enable developers to shorten development cycles and decrease time to market, in advance of access to the PowerQUICC III SoC architecture," said David Perkins, vice president and general manager of Motorola's Networking & Computing Systems Group (NCSG). "By adding support for the entire PowerQUICC family of processors, Metrowerks offers Motorola NCSG customers more RTOS options and provides a single set of development tools to take them from pre-silicon research to final deployment of the end product."

Metrowerks already offers comprehensive development solutions for the PowerQUICC I and PowerQUICC IITM families of integrated communications processors as well as best-in-class development tools consistent and compatible across the Motorola processor families, from 8-bit microcontrollers to advanced digital signal processors. This consistency across Motorola platforms can help to significantly shorten the learning curve for developers.

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