AeroComm Introduces Complete Design Suite with Spectrum Analyzer

3/24/2003 - True to its motto of 'instant wireless', leading supplier of wireless modules AeroComm has introduced a complete Design Suite that includes all the necessary tools to rapidly integrate wireless connectivity into OEMs' products.

AeroComm's Design Suite is much more than a development kit. Unlike many RF manufacturers who offer kits that are just a few pieces of hardware, AeroComm provides a full development system comprised of ConnexRFTM transceivers, RS232 adapter boards, power adapters and cables, antennas, software, full documentation, and importantly, the assignment of a dedicated RF design engineer to assist from development to certification. Additionally, AeroComm now includes a free Spectrum Analyzer (SA3000) tool to complete the package.

The Spectrum Analyzer is a compact, cost-effective, PC-based instrument covering the entire 2.4 GHz ISM band. When combined with a notebook PC, the SA3000 enables comprehensive mobile site surveying to help OEMs identify optimal RF-equipment location and find potential interferers.

Using proprietary application software, the SA3000 closely simulates the display of a dedicated - and much more expensive - spectrum analyzer instrument. SA3000's great benefit is its small size, making it portable and ideal for any site analysis. Using the tool, a layman can have confidence installing RF equipment.

AeroComm's Windows-based software personalizes the radios to support virtually any network configuration from simple point-to-point, to complex peer-to-peer. Using simple GUI (graphical user interface), OEMs are able to choose the parameters to meet their needs including speed, broadcast or addressed, channels, security features and so on.

Historically, OEMs desiring RF communication for their products had to start with radio chipsets, requiring significant RF expertise. AeroComm has pioneered the concept of ready-to-use, agency approved RF-modules to simplify the OEMs' design effort, increase confidence in the design as well as reduce cost and time to market.

With its Design Suite, AeroComm provides the OEM with an RF engineering department so they can quickly integrate RF and start marketing their product. RF is complex, and an OEM should make sure they have a proven successful team on their side to speed time to market, increase the probability of success and allow them to focus on their core products.

Many OEMs are not wireless experts. With AeroComm tools and support on their team, they have access to twelve years of experience with a wide variety of issues: integration, network design, security, mechanical issues, agency approvals, antenna selection and placement within the product. Additionally, for many OEMs want to market their products globally, AeroComm provides support for regulatory compliance.

Formed in 1990, AeroComm was the first manufacturer to gain FCC approval for 2.4 GHz direct sequence spread spectrum transceivers in 1994. Since then, the company has shipped over 100,000 wireless connectivity devices for home, small business and OEM markets. In 1996, AeroComm's technical focus became frequency-hopping due to its reduced cost, lower power consumption, higher interference immunity and smaller size. Today its proprietary methods of implementing spread spectrum technology enable wireless applications that were previously cost-prohibitive. The ConnexRF line offers a variety of standard OEM RF transceivers as well as custom solutions for major OEMs. An award-winning GoPrint line of printer sharing devices is also available via retail channels.

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