AMI Offers Management Solution for Servers and Embedded Motherboards

3/21/2003 - American Megatrends Inc. (AMI), a leader in storage and computing innovations worldwide, introduces a complete server management solution for server and embedded motherboards based on the IPMI 1.5 management standard.

MegaRAC® Platform Manager (PM) is a complete, highly integrated management solution that will add high availability features to server motherboards. MegaRAC PM is based on the Baseboard Management Controller (AMIBMC) and on easily portable management firmware that implements the IPMI v.1.5 standard developed by Intel, HP, NEC and Dell.

The MegaRAC PM monitors and controls the system and chassis subsystems, sending alerts and triggering correcting actions like reset and boot from a service partition.

With MegaRAC PM, system administrators can remotely control a server system even when it is in non-operational state, performing a series of critical functions:

MegaRAC-PM is based on an intelligent controller featuring a dedicated processor and memory. The controller features a dedicated serial interface and an optional Ethernet NIC for true out-of-band functionality.

The MegaRAC PM firmware is developed on a Real Time Operating System (RTOS) that abstracts the underlying hardware and can easily be ported on different chips. The MegaRAC PM firmware provides system and board management, utilizing the Intelligent Platform Management Bus (IPMB) to access any other controller within a chassis and to manage the Field Replaceable Units (FRU). The communication between different chassis is provided through the Intelligent Chassis Management Bus (ICMB), granting access to multiple devices.

MegaRAC PM is an affordable answer to the high-availability needs of server and server blades, that in today's 24/7 environment must provide continuous service in order to minimize downtime for mission-critical applications.

The web-based Unified Management Server (UMS) software provides manageability of multiple devices from a single station. Multiple communication protocols are supported. The software is portable to any operating system and is highly interoperable. Based on Java2EE, UMS can operate on a number of platforms, such as Windows NT, 2000, XP or Linux.

UMS discovers, configures, monitors, reports and manages events for all the nodes on a LAN. When used in conjunction with AMIBIOS8 and the AMIBMC, UMS provides advanced IPMI functions such as video redirection and BIOS/firmware flashing.

"Our experience in BIOS and service processors is a strong plus, allowing AMI to offer a complete solution for server platform manageability. MegaRAC PM enables OEMs to develop interoperable, remotely manageable systems that can be accessed under all system phases: power-down, pre-boot, OS load and run-time" said Mike Shields, AMI Global Software Sales Manager.

Selected customers have pre-viewed the AMI management solutions at a seminar organized by AMI Taiwan, expressing favorable comments.

About AMI
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