Jungo Rolls Out CableHome-Based KDC and Kerberos Server for Network Testing

3/21/2003 - Jungo Software Technologies Inc., a leading provider of residential gateway software, announced the introduction of a CableHomeTM1.0-based Key Distribution Center (KDC) and Kerberos server for testing and network management. Jungo's KDC and Kerberos server provide customer premise equipment (CPE) vendors with a vendor-based testing environment to validate the use of the Kerberos authentication protocol, as defined in the CableHome 1.0-based specifications. In addition, the new server allows network management system (NMS) vendors to add a CableHome-based Kerberos module to their existing management solutions.

The new KDC and Kerberos server are complementary solutions to Jungo's OpenRG residential gateway software for CableHome 1.0-based devices. Together they provide CPE vendors with comprehensive and robust development and testing software platforms.

The Kerberos authentication protocol is part of the CableHome Security Portal, which requires a Kerberos client in the CPE and a Kerberos server at the headend. The Kerberos protocol uses strong cryptography, allowing the client to prove its identity to a server (and vice versa) across an insecure network connection. Once a client and server have used Kerberos to prove their identities, they may encrypt further data and transport it securely over the communications network.

Jungo's KDC and Kerberos server include Public Key Cryptography for Initial Authentication in Kerberos (PKINIT) compliancy, database connectivity and management tools, a Kerberos application for updating Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) keys, an Application Program Interface (API) for SNMP key generation and updates, test certificates for server and client, and support for Linux 2.2/2.4 and Windows.

"The release of Jungo's CableHome-based KDC and Kerberos server both strengthens Jungo's position as a leading provider of CableHome-based technologies and reinforces our commitment to provide our customers with the best available tools for the development, testing and verification of CableHome-based devices," said Udi Yuhjtman, vice president of business development at Jungo.

Jungo's CableHome-based KDC, Kerberos server and SNMP testing tools are available for CPE vendors, to assist in testing and verification, and for NMS vendors developing management systems for CableHome-based systems. For more information please contact Jungo at openrg@jungo.com

About Jungo
Jungo Software Technologies is a leading supplier of residential gateway software solutions, driver development tools and hardware access applications. Jungo offers integrated reference designs with several of the most influential global silicon vendors, enabling its customers to simplify device development cycles, improve performance and accelerate time to market. Jungo is a privately held company with corporate offices in San Jose, California, sales and support offices in Taiwan and an R&D center in Israel. Founded in 1998, Jungo's investors include TeleSoft Partners, Infineon Ventures and Intel Communications Fund.

Jungo and OpenRG are trademarks of Jungo Software Technologies Inc. Other brands and names contained in this release are the property of their respective owners. CableHome is a registered trademark of Cable Television Laboratories, Inc.

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