Anritsu's New Signaling Tester Designed for Verifying Mobile Stations

3/21/2003 - Anritsu Company introduces the MD8480A W-CDMA Signaling Tester, a solution that is used for verification of 3GPP W-CDMA mobile stations and mobile station chip sets. Simulating a W-CDMA base station, the MD8480A is used in the development phase to verify the modulation and demodulation function of the mobile station or chipset, confirm call processing functionality between the base station and mobile station, and to simulate applications.

To evaluate the modulation function of a mobile station or chipset, fixed-pattern or PN9 data is output on a W-CDMA modulated signal and sent to the MD8480A over RF or baseband. The MD8480A demodulates the data, then displays and compares it with the data output from the device. This is beneficial when only the transmitter section of the device is complete. Conversely, when the receiver is the only complete section, the device demodulation function can be evaluated by sending a W-CDMA encoded signal from the MD8480A to the device and comparing it to the demodulated data. Simultaneous measurements of BLER and BER can also be made when in the modulation/demodulation function.

Confirming call-processing functionality is essential to verifying that the mobile protocol sequence is correctly implemented. A variety of parameters and test sequences can be defined within the MD8480A for a comprehensive analysis. Possible sequences include: location registration, origination, termination, handover (option), and disconnection from mobile station/network. Additionally, quasi-normal tests and SMS tests are supported. Call-processing operation is conducted in real time so that data communications between a mobile station and the MD8480A can be monitored simultaneously.

Application simulation allows developers to verify the mobile station operation in a particular application scenario. For example, a voice test can be conducted by simply connecting a handset to the MD8480A and pressing a few keys. Other applications that can be simulated include:

Recognizing the need for flexibility, Anritsu has designed the MD8480A to be configured in a variety of ways to provide W-CDMA Layer-1 and Layer-2 functionality, as well as the Layer-3 protocol sequence. A variety of options are available for even greater flexibility.

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