TI's New Low-Voltage SWIFT(TM) DC/DC Converters Address Critical Power Supply Sequencing Requirements

3/20/2003 - Extending its widely adopted SWIFTTM family of products, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) announced a unique synchronous buck DC/DC converter family that addresses critical power supply sequencing requirements in low-voltage, high-density point-of-load systems that use digital signal processors (DSPs) and field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). By addressing important core and input/output (I/O) voltage sequencing requirements, designers of multiple output power supplies are able to achieve better device operation and reliability in applications such as broadband, networking and optical communications.

TI's TPS54x80 series of SWIFT DC/DC converters contain two internal metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs) capable of supplying up to 9A of continuous output current over the entire operating temperature range. The converters regulate to a voltage as low as 0.891 V, and use a TRACKIN pin with a multiplexer to implement three different sequencing methods: simultaneous, sequential or ratio-metric sequencing.

"The order in which the supply outputs power up and down is critical to correct processor operation and long term reliability," said Rich Nowakowski, product marketing manager for TI's SWIFT DC/DC converters. "With these new SWIFT devices, TI offers a simple solution to eliminate the power supply sequencing problem of multiple core and I/O voltages."

The TPS54x80 SWIFT converters feature:

New SWIFT Converters for Pre-Bias Outputs
In addition to the TPS54x80, TI introduced its TPS54x73 DC/DC converters for applications that require a pre-bias output condition. The TPS54x73 devices provide reliable power up when the core and I/O voltages of a processor are required to track each other within a certain voltage differential during start up. The cores voltage supply output is connected to the output of the I/O voltage supply with a series of diodes. The core voltage level is equal to the I/O voltage minus the diode voltage drop during start up. With the disable current sinking during startup (DSDS) feature, the pre-biased load cannot be pulled to ground.

About TIs SWIFT Family
SWIFT (Switcher With Integrated FET Technology) is TIs family of highly integrated power management ICs. The SWIFT regulator integrates all the active components needed to design a high performance point-of-load DC/DC converter: low on resistance power MOSFETS, MOSFET drivers, pulse width modulation comparator and error amplifier. The only additional components needed to complete the DC/DC converter design are passives such as an inductor, capacitors and resistors. The SWIFT devices have been designed for flexibility and easy sequencing.

Availability, Pricing, Packaging
The TPS54x80 and TPS54x73 SWIFT converters are available in volume today through TI and its authorized distributors. Each device is packaged in 20- or 28-pin PowerPADTM thin shrink small outline package (HTSSOP) for thermal enhancement and space savings. Suggested resale pricing starts at $3.45 per 1,000 units. The SWIFT software development tool supports the TPS54x80 and TPS54x73 families, which is available from power.ti.com/swift. TI also offers evaluation modules, reference designs, application notes and other support collateral.

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