Snijder Micro Systems Rolls Out EJC Application Development Kit

3/20/2003 - Snijder Micro Systems announced release 1.0.0 of the Application Development Kit (ADK) for the Embedded JavaTM Controller (EJC®) product line. The ADK is a complete development kit that allows users to implement, test, and deploy Java applications on the EJC family of controllers.

The EJC is a bundled solution of hardware and software that enables developers to leverage the flexibility and power of the Java programming language in network-enabled and standalone applications. The EJC integrates Tao Groupís intent®, a revolutionary platform that comprises an advanced Real Time Operating System and a blisteringly fast, Sun-certified Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and PersonalJava Application Environment. intent can run any PersonalJava-compliant application with unrivalled performance and minimal footprint due to the tight integration between kernel and JVM, and to its advanced translation technology which compiles all Java bytecode to native code at runtime, as classes are loaded.

For the first time ever, release 1.0.0 of the ADK allows developers to adopt an all-in-one solution where applications, system components, and even device drivers can be written entirely in Java. This is possible due to the provision of a set of APIs that allow Java programmers to access hardware resources efficiently. This includes managing I/O ports, accessing system memory and memory-mapped devices and peripherals, handling interrupt requests, or interfacing to onboard devices (RS232, RS485, I2CTM, etc.) with maximum performance. Furthermore, these APIs are implemented using special native code which is known to the intent JVM, so thereís no Java Native Interface (JNI) overhead as would be the case in other Java implementations.

Along with these native APIs, the EJC class library provides a host of additional functionality by means of reusable components, tools, and services, that are known to be useful for many embedded applications and that will accelerate application development and shortcut time to market.

The EJC class library also features a full-fledged Java HTTP server which can run Java servlets, thus making it even easier to extend the functionality of the EJC with servlets publishing data or implementing management and control interfaces that can then be accessed remotely, from any standard web browser. Other services, such as FTP, Telnet, SMTP, etc. are also supported.

About Snijder Micro Systems
Founded in 1986, Snijder Micro Systems is a front runner in industrial automation. Snijder Micro Systems is using industry-leading technology to design tailor-made solutions and customisable products, featuring an object oriented RTOS and high-performance JVM. The main development goal at Snijder Micro Systems is to conquer the complexity of designing and maintaining a general-purpose Java platform and provide a ready-to-use product to OEMs and embedded system integrators. For further information, please visit Snijder Micro Systemís web site at:

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