Sun Offers Blades with CompactPCI Packet Switch Backplane Technology

3/18/2003 - Showing its unwavering commitment to network equipment providers (NEPs) and the telecommunications industry, Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: SUNW) adds its first commercial-off-the-shelf cPSB product to its portfolio of NEBS level 3-certified solutions the Netra CP2300 PICMG 2.16 telecom blade server.

Based on both cPCI and cPSB standards, the Netra CP2300 telecom blade offers the ability to leverage cPCI and Ethernet technology, with standards-based Hot Swap capability, while providing mission-critical high availability and robust systems management capabilities in a rugged system. The Netra CP2300 telecom blade is powered by a 650MHz UltraSPARC® IIi processor supporting up to 2.5GB of memory and supports the Solaris Operating Environment - the industry standard for telco applications in addition to Sun's Netra High Availability (HA) software.

By providing a fully integrateable systems management framework in an off-the-shelf cPSB Telecom blade, the Netra CP2300 telecom blade helps to reduce NEPs' dependence on legacy infrastructures with high development costs. In addition, Sun's new blade can provide a more flexible and highly configurable building block for the packet-based switched fabric networks underlying the next generation of network equipment.

"Today, our customers are realizing it's more important than ever to find the right commercial-off-the-shelf solution, instead of having to build everything themselves," said Arlen Vanderwel, Vice President, Netra Systems Product Group, Sun Microsystems, Inc. "Our Netra CP2300 telecom blade directly addresses this need, helping NEPs get to market faster and enabling them to focus on their core competency of building highly available solutions for network infrastructures."

Meeting the needs of network equipment providers, the Netra CP2300 telecom blade server can function in any of the available blade server slots in the cPCI chassis adhering to PICMG 2.16 or as a stand-alone, single-board computer in an embedded environment. This offers design flexibility for telecom, industrial and other embedded applications. Additionally, this latest addition to the Netra CP telecom blade server family improves the reliability of the cPCI form-factor systems by leveraging the best of PICMG standards with switched IP architecture and by removing the cPCI bus as a single point of failure. Furthermore, by moving the local cluster limit of eight to 18 nodes-per-cluster, the Netra CP2300 telecom blade server represents a very efficient implementation in clustering available on the market today.

Designed for high-performance embedded, compute-density applications, the new Netra CP telecom blade server is an ideal solution for telecommunications, government and manufacturing industries. The Netra CP2300 telecom blade is ideal for for enabling wireless IP services like SMS and MMS over 2.5G and 3G networks, as well as first-level billing and call tracking. Service provides may also opt to use the CP2300 telecom blade for OAM&P and call routing services.

The Netra CP2300 telecom blade also comes with a full complement of I/O interfaces, including one serial port to the front panel, dual Ethernet and serial, one USB, and EIDE to the rear panel, and dual PMC slots. With the flexibility of dual PMC slots and expansion memory support, the Netra CP2300 telecom blade allows customers to mix and match third-party PMC cards and memory configurations, making it easier for them to tailor solutions to their specific application needs.

Pricing and Availability
An entry Netra CP 2300 telecom blade server configured with the UltraSPARC IIi processor, and 512 MB of on-board memory is available for $1,995 list price U.S., and will be available in May. Additional configurations are also available.

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