Kane Computing Introduces New Variable Voltage Predator Emulator

3/18/2003 - Kane Computing announced the launch of PREDATOR-VV.

The new version of the Predator XDS510 compatible PCMCIA JTAG emulator includes a variable voltage JTAG pod that senses target power and automatically adjusts input and output levels, between 1V and 5V, to match. The Predator-VV eliminates the worry and inconvenience of making sure the correct voltage level, to match the target hardware, has been selected inside the POD. It also ensures users will be able to debug the new low voltage DSPs, available in the C54x and OMAP 5910 families, now and in the future.

As part of this upgrade, Kane Computing have also added four LEDs, these allow the user to easily check target power, pod power, reset line status and JTAG line activity.

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