CSR's BlueCore Powers JABRA Freespeak Bluetooth-enable Headset

3/17/2003 - CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio) has announced that its BlueCore2-External single-chip solution has been chosen to Bluetooth-enable the JABRA Freespeak headset. The headset allows wireless connectivity with Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones. In addition, the JABRA Freespeak is available with a multi-adaptor that brings Bluetooth wireless connectivity to non-Bluetooth phones. CSR's BlueCore2-External has been selected for the headset because of its small footprint and minimal external component count, giving JABRA the design freedom to create a light and ergonomically designed end product.

BlueCore2-External is a single chip radio, microprocessor and baseband IC for Bluetooth systems which, when used with a very small number of external components, provides a fully compliant Bluetooth system for data and voice communications. The BlueCore2-External footprint is as small as 6x6mm and the low component count made possible by the design of the chip ensures that cost is minimized.

Connection between the JABRA Freespeak headset and non-Bluetooth enabled phones is possible using the multi-adaptor, also Bluetooth-enabled by CSR's BlueCore. This multi-adaptor allows wireless connectivity between the headset and millions of mobile phones in use today, which are not Bluetooth enabled. This kind of hybrid product adds to the increasing range of Bluetooth applications that CSR's single-chip solution is able to bring to market. CSR hardware and software stacks are the chosen solution for a whole suite of products, from multi-purpose adaptors or dongles, human interface devices (HID) such as keyboards and mice, handsets and headsets, through to specialized industry-specific applications. As the market leader, CSR is now accountable for 59 percent of v1.1 qualified end product Bluetooth designs.

Leo Larsen, Technology Manager, JABRA commented, "Choosing CSR was a natural choice, as their proven track record in Bluetooth silicon encapsulates our commitment to providing high quality usable end products at a competitive price." Larsen continued, "Moreover, BlueCore's specific product features have allowed us to optimize design of the JABRA Freespeak to satisfy two of the most critical criteria for headsets; low cost and ergonomic engineering."

Eric Janson, worldwide vice president, marketing, CSR added, "We are always enthusiastic about the development of new Bluetooth ideas, and are delighted that JABRA has chosen BlueCore2-External to do this."

About CSR
CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio) specializes in providing single-chip radio devices to the global market for short-range wireless communications, including BluetoothTM. The company's mission is to create the most highly integrated radio devices available, fabricated using standard CMOS technology, to provide its customers with the lowest cost of ownership of high quality digital radio.

CSR was the first company in the world to offer a true single-chip Bluetooth solution with BlueCore, a fully integrated 2.4 GHz radio, baseband and microcontroller. In Q4 2001 CSR released BlueCore2, its second generation family, and offer developed hardware/software bundles for each of the fastest growing Bluetooth applications markets. Users can combine the chips with the CSR Bluetooth software stack to provide a fully compliant solution for data and voice communications or, used with an upper layer host software stack, CSR is able to offer a complete Bluetooth end-to-end solution.

CSR has a growing list of major international companies including Microsoft Corp, NEC, Toshiba, Samsung, Sony, Compaq, IBM, Fujitsu, LG, ALPS, TDK, 3Com, Mitsumi, Siemens and Motorola, who have already used CSR's BlueCore in the development of a range of Bluetooth products. In fact, 70 percent of available pre-qualified modules, as listed on the qualified products page of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) web site, feature BlueCore and it is in 59 percent of all qualified Bluetooth v 1.1 enabled end product designs.

CSR is headquartered in Cambridge, UK, with offices in Richardson, Texas; Tokyo, Japan; Singapore and Aalborg, Denmark.

More information about CSR can be found at www.csr.com and the CSR partner web site www.btdesigner.com

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