Fujitsu Ships Latest PRIMEPOWER Servers with 1.35 GHz Technology

3/14/2003 - Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Inc., a member of the worldwide group of Fujitsu companies, announced first shipments of its fifth generation SolarisTM compatible PRIMEPOWERTM models and a roadmap that shows how it will build upon its current momentum and success by accelerating its performance leadership in the UNIX® server marketplace. The announcement of continuous PRIMEPOWER server enhancements demonstrates Fujitsu's long term commitment to SPARC64® technology.

The technology roadmap for the SPARC64 processor that is at the heart of its high-performance, highly scalable PRIMEPOWER servers shows continued development for the next five years. The PRIMEPOWER 900, 1500, and 2500 models are currently shipping with the fifth generation SPARC64 processors. These new systems with their hot plug capabilities, extended RAS (reliability, availability, serviceability) functions and automatic instruction re-try offer all the functionality needed for simplifying and optimizing mission-critical IT infrastructures.

Fujitsu's plans for higher frequency, more integrated SPARC® processors requiring lower power consumption are designed to meet the ongoing needs of its server customers worldwide for improved price performance and cost-efficient computing. As applications grow in size and complexity and consume more computing resources, customers can take advantage of these technology breakthroughs to run applications more quickly and consolidate application workloads onto fewer servers reducing IT costs.

"PRIMEPOWER continues to provide leading edge performance to enterprise server environments, and Fujitsu intends to serve this market comprehensively by providing the fastest and highest density technology available," said Richard McCormack, vice president of product marketing at Fujitsu Technology Solutions Inc. "Our next generation PRIMEPOWER servers build upon the current 1.35 GHz technology and represent enhancements that demonstrate Fujitsu's consistent leadership in the open systems marketplace."

The US UNIX server market continues to grow, with expected revenues of $9.9 billion by 2006*. To address this growing marketplace, Fujitsu has detailed its SPARC64 outlook for the next five years beyond its current fifth generation 1.35 GHz models (see chart). The PRIMEPOWER roadmap shows the introduction of a sixth generation, industry leading 2.4 GHz dual core processor (2 CPUs on a chip). This processor will use 90 nm Cu CMOS with a further performance improvement to 3.0 GHz dual core processor, and then jump to a 4 core processor in the seventh generation.

PRIMEPOWER systems significantly expand customers' ability to support 24 x 7 global e-business challenges and to consolidate application workloads onto fewer servers, reducing IT costs. The server line continues to record industry-leading benchmark performance scores. To date, there are more than 25,000 PRIMEPOWER servers installed worldwide supporting the needs of customers in government, financial services and corporate and environments. Global PRIMEPOWER customers include Daimler Chrysler Bank Group, Southwest Airlines, Panasonic, America West Airlines, Deutsche Post, First American Real Estate Solutions, and many others.

* Worldwide Server Market Forecast Update 2001-2006, IDC, November 2002


About Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Inc.:
Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Inc., headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, offers worldwide IT infrastructure solutions that encompass a range of technology solutions and fully customized managed services. Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Inc., an expert in enterprise and open systems server and storage solutions, focuses on delivering high availability, mission-critical, scalable solutions in the large-systems marketplace. Drawing on the skills and experience of Fujitsu Limited, as well as our many partner companies, Fujitsu Technology Solutions Inc. enables customers to balance the needs of rapid change and stability while maximizing the return on investment in existing and new technologies.

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