STMicroelectronics uPSD3200 Family to be Supported by Nohau

3/14/2003 - NOHAU Corporation, a leading supplier of quality in-circuit emulators for the 8051, announces support for the uPSD3000 family.

The STMicroelectronics uPSD3200 family combines a Flash PSD architecture with an 8032 microcontroller core. The uPSD3200 family of Flash PSDs features dual banks of Flash memory, SRAM, general purpose I/O and programmable logic, supervisory functions and access via USB, I2C, ADC, DDC and PWM channels, an on-board 8032 microcontroller core, with two UARTs, three 16-bit Timer/Counters and one External Interrupt, and a large 8 KByte SRAM with battery back-up option. As with other Flash PSD families, the uPSD3200 family is also in-system programmable (ISP) via a JTAG ISP interface.

The EMUL51-PC has up to 768K of emulation memory which can be mapped as code or Xdata, an optional non-intrusive trace up to 256k deep, with 8 levels of triggering, timestamp and shadow ram. The EMUL51-PC connects to a PC Host via a High Speed Parallel (HSP) box, connected to the parallel port or through USB, or an ISA card plugged directly into the PC. The EMUL51-PC runs up to speeds of 50-MHz.

The uPSD3000 pod provides a FLASH programming interface and support both 5V and 3V versions.

Nohau's powerful macro-based debugger, called Seehau, controls the CTM emulator hardware. Seehau is a C/C++ Source Level Debugger featuring a C/C++ and Assembly Source window, Data windows with multiple display formats, a customizable toolbar and custom RTOS displays. The Data windows have many display formats including 8, 16 or 32 bits, shown as hex, ASCII, float, graph, chart or even your own custom format. The Register window is extremely flexible providing the addition of custom user defined registers and the ability to preset register values at reset. The trace window displays in low level assembly language, high level C/C++ as well as mixed assembly and source. The fields shown in the trace window can be customized and synchronized to the Source window. Seehau offers the benefit of running on PC hosts with the Windows 98/ME, 2000PRO and Windows XP operating systems.

"The addition of PODs to support the STMicroelectronics Microcontroller products extends the commitment of Nohau to the 8051 market," said Olle Hallengren, president of Nohau Corporation.

The POD price is $995 US and EMUL51-PC prices start at $4000 US including the Seehau debugger and 256k of emulation memory.

Nohau Corporation, based in Campbell CA, was formed in 1981 as a Swedish consulting firm focusing on Embedded Systems. Nohau has offices, sales representatives and technical support centers worldwide.

EMUL51-PC and Seehau are trademarks of Nohau Corporation.

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