Nohau Offers Emulator Support for the Motorola MC9S12T64 CPU

3/14/2003 - Nohau Corporation announced that it offers full-featured emulator support for Motorola's newly announced MC9S12T64 CPU, of the HCS12 family. Nohau's emulator brings powerful & sophisticated debugging features to assist users in their development, and getting product to market faster.

The Nohau Full-Featured emulator supports the MC9S12T64, to the chip's maximum bus speed of 16MHz, using Nohau's second generation EMUL-S12/1M-33 - HCS12 emulator motherboard. The use of all the T64 internal features and resources is supported, including the Calibration RAM, Flash, SRAM and Registers. Emulation RAM is used to replace the internal Flash to allow easy debug process, but executing from the internal Flash is also allowed and may be useful for late debug stages. A Nohau full CMOS-levels Port Replacement Unit (PRU) is used to recreate ports A, B, E and K. Support for the T64 non-paged programming model is implemented, and unlimited number of hardware and software breakpoints are available. A fully non-intrusive 64K Shadow memory also exists to allow viewing memory variables and structures updates during run-time.

"Nohau is pleased to offer this tool in a timely manner, enhancing Nohau's support of all HCS12 based derivatives," said Olle Hallengren, president of Nohau Corporation. "This continues our partnership with Motorola extending the number of supported derivatives for the HCS12 family."

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