NEC's e606 3G Videophone Handsets Enabled by Mezoe's BlueStack

3/12/2003 - Mezoe, the Bluetooth software business developed by Cambridge Consultants Ltd (CCL), announced that NEC's e606 3G videophone handsets, delivered to the mobile multimedia and communications service "3" developed by Hutchison 3G, are to be Bluetooth enabled by its protocol software BlueStack. This latest announcement adds further strength to the Mezoe brand, whose software is the basis of that already used in more than 60% of all Bluetooth qualified devices worldwide.

The launch of 3G networks around the world, and the services offered via such networks, increases the requirement for Bluetooth enabled handsets and provides further impetus to the adoption of Bluetooth.

The dual-mode NEC e606 3G handsets, which are currently being delivered to network operators, allow the user access to both advanced 3G services and the existing well known 2G networks. The handset incorporates many new customer-focused features and technologies, including Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

Paul Williams, operations manager for Mezoe at CCL, commented, "The use of Mezoe software in NEC's 3G handset is a further endorsement of our world class products." He added, "We are pleased to be associated with NEC's leading role in this 3G initiative."

The long awaited 3G network will deliver 'media-rich' content directly to users' phones, including sound and video. 3G phone users will also benefit from being able to receive information many times quicker than currently possible and makes watching highlights from your favourite sport or news channel, via subscription, viable. In the future, 3G phone users are also expected to be able to benefit from 'online' features such as being able to shop and pay via their phone almost as if it were an 'electronic wallet'.

Mezoe provides the development tools that let companies bring the benefits of wireless technologies to their products and subsequently to their customers in a cost-effective way. Mezoe's product range includes protocol stacks, reference designs, development tools and the knowledge transfer necessary to make it as easy as possible to use today's and tomorrow's wireless technologies. Initial products are clustered around Bluetooth, the short-range wireless communications technology that supports both voice and data connections.

Mezoe's approach allows companies to develop better product, quicker, cheaper and with reduced risk. Mezoe is a division of Cambridge Consultants Limited (CCL), who are an associate member of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG).

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