ProSyst`s mBedded Server Used in Philips iPronto for Home Automation

3/11/2003 - Philips revolutionizes control of home cinema and home automation products with iPronto, a wireless home control panel for the connected home. ( Implementing ProSyst's OSGi-certified service delivery platform, mBedded Server, the awarded iPronto provides consumers with a versatile solution to control home theatre as well as the increasing number of electronic home automation products. Due to its modular architecture, ProSyst`s service delivery platform cannot only network Philips' devices via plug & play, but also other intelligent devices with an OSGi-interface (API), including automotive devices and white and brown goods from other manufacturers, if requested.

Philips' fully programmable iPronto-the latest addition to the Pronto family of universal remotes - brings consumers one step closer to experiencing Philips' vision of Ambient Intelligence in the home. The iPronto includes USB connectivity and an MMC/SD card slot for future applications and accessories. Among others, the iPronto features other built-in components that enhance the entertainment experience, like a built-in microphone and stereo speakers that will allow users to listen to MP3s from the Internet through future software upgrades and for future applications such as voice recognition and telephony. Battery powered, the iPronto includes a charger and a lithium ion battery. The product can be completely customized to the comfort level of the end user. The result is the flexibility to control multiple windows of information with simple dashboard finger navigation. The system also allows users to view information about their favorite program with the Electronic Program Guide with Media Selection, access the Internet to check news and email, as well as utilize the multiple remote control functions.

Implementing ProSyst's open, modular and scalable service delivery platform, the iPronto has an always-on internet connection by which new features and software can be sent to the unit on customer request. The iPronto can be used as control unit for all other intelligent devices that are connected to the network. Consequently, all other intelligent devices, such as home theatre systems, DVD-, CD-, and video players, streaming devices, or medical devices, can be remotely accessed and administrated by the authorized company via a standardized administration platform, such as ProSyst's mPower Remote Manager. By utilizing wireless technology WiFi (IEEE 802.11b) iPronto is able to control even devices out of their line of sight. In addition, the OSGi service delivery platform allows one service to run on different target appliances. This does not only increase the delivery of services offered by the authorized manufacturer or service provider, it also enhances the flexibility to provide the consumers with the ability to use their appliances whenever and wherever they want.

Xavier Delmeiren, General Manager BCT Remote Control Systems comments: "In ProSyst we found an experienced and reliable OSGi partner. ProSyst's Professional Services Team and future proof software technology enables Philips to focus on our core business. Using the advantageous OSGi-standard, Philips Connected Home offers a linked environment of devices and home appliances that can speak to one another, creating greater personalized control, productivity and convenience - in other words, a more comfortable living environment for people while lowering the number of defects and recalls."

Daniel Schellhoss, Executive Board Member of ProSyst Software AG: "We are pleased that Philips has chosen ProSyst as the strategic OSGi-partner to enhance the possibilities of the iPronto: The delivery of new downloadable applications and services will grow tremendously and the iPronto will take advantage of it right from the start."

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