NMS' New Monitoring Tool to Aid Wireless Quality Testing

3/11/2003 - NMS Communications (Nasdaq: NMSS), trusted supplier of communications products and services, has opened the door for operators to take action to improve mobile phone call quality for approximately $1.80 total cost per subscriber. A recent Isurus Research study commissioned by NMS shows that mobile users are concerned with mobile voice quality problems such as having a hard time hearing or being heard in common noisy environments like cars. When exposed to a sample conversation with NMS' Studio Sound® voice quality software featuring noise reduction and compensation, 61 percent of the 440 surveyed said they would consider switching providers to obtain this quality of service. In addition, they indicated they would make calls in noisy environments more often.

Now with NMS' Network Analysis System monitoring and testing tool, operators can measure for themselves the difference Studio Sound makes on their network. This software tool, now part of NMS voice quality systems, collects, processes, and reports on before-and-after variables such as speech, noise, and echo levels, as well as corresponding call duration. It displays the results in a variety of report formats that help carriers analyze their network, identify potential problems, and immediately tune their network for optimum performance. Using this data, operators can relate call quality and call duration on live in-service traffic without auxiliary testing equipment.

Studio Sound virtually eliminates background noise, network distortion, and acoustic echo that hamper the quality of mobile phone calls. Studio Sound is the only software solution that pairs noise reduction and noise compensation voice quality enhancement features to create an optimal listening environment for both parties in a conversation which is particularly vital in noisy mobile settings.

"With the Network Analysis System, we can prove that having Studio Sound operating in a wireless network results in a better customer experience. And we can show, with even the most conservative numbers in an ROI model, that addressing this untapped part of the customer satisfaction equation will decrease customer churn," said Clarke Ryan, senior vice president and general manager of NMS' Voice Quality Systems business.

"Operators have not paid sufficient attention to voice quality issues, particularly in noisy environments, and, if not addressed, leaves operators vulnerable to customer churn," said Philip Marshall, director, Wireless/Mobile Technologies, Yankee Group. "Through Studio Sound, NMS has developed a clever way for operators to improve mobile voice quality quickly and at little expense. Further, the monitoring tool allows operators to conveniently visualize the improvements in voice quality attributable to the Studio Sound solution."

About NMS Communications
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