IONA Launches Mobile Orchestrator to Increase Mobile Productivity

3/11/2003 - IONA®, the leading provider of Rapid Integration software (NASDAQ: IONA), announced Mobile OrchestratorTM - a Web services-based process integration broker optimized for applications that serve occasionally connected users. Mobile OrchestratorTM - the first member of IONA's new OrchestratorTM product family - increases the productivity of mobile workers by allowing them to work equally well with or without a network connection.

IONA's new Mobile Orchestrator® facilitates un-interrupted mobile user involvement in multi-step business processes regardless of network connectivity. Mobile OrchestratorTM enables clients to work with the enterprise applications and data they need while disconnected. It automatically saves all of a user's work and interactions with those applications and data, and upon detection of a wired or Wi-Fi network, quickly and securely synchronizes data and documents between the mobile user's PC and enterprise applications in a series of rapid steps transparent to the user. This solution is referred to as "Occasionally Connected Computing" (OCC).

The IONA® Mobile OrchestratorTM is the first product to provide an "Occasionally Connected Computing" solution and was developed in alliance with Intel® to support CentrinoTM Mobile Technology.

"It's exciting to experience the productivity advancements of Occasionally Connected solutions," said Chris S. Thomas, Chief Strategist at Intel. "IONA's Mobile Orchestrator is providing an infrastructure that enables solutions to be productive offline, while optimizing network latency and enabling the user to utilize the applications of their choosing. Once users experience these new levels of productivity, efficiency and choice they'll accept nothing less."

IONA® Mobile OrchestratorTM can:

"One of the primary challenges for organizations is building Web services that can easily adapt to changing business needs," said Ron Schmelzer, President of ZapThink. "By providing a means for users to build Web services that provide asynchronous connectivity for online or offline clients, IONA's Mobile Orchestrator enables businesses to produce and consume Web services that meet their business requirements, rather than change their methods of interaction to accommodate limited connection capabilities. Based on open-standards and service-oriented architecture principles, IONA introduces a much-needed solution to the integration software market."

"The future of workforce productivity is about untethered business processes because Wi-Fi is exploding and browser-based interfaces are unsatisfactory in that environment," said IONA CEO Barry Morris. "I believe IONA Mobile Orchestrator is a Web Services solution that is 18 months ahead of the competition."

IONA® Mobile OrchestratorTM is uniquely suited to supporting occasionally connected users because:

IONA Mobile Orchestrator Solution Components
The IONA Orchestrator Studio is a development environment that lets users:

The Orchestrator Mobile Client provides the flexible, intelligent, process-based technology that mobile workers require in order to be productive whether connected or disconnected. It includes Web services orchestration, reliable Web services over FTP, adaptable transport control, flexible data transformation and adapters to data sources.

IONA Orchestrator Server provides the scalable performance required for handing large numbers of occasionally connected and untethered users that are integrated with enterprise data and applications. It includes Web services orchestration, reliable Web services over FTP, adaptable transport control, flexible data transformation, adapters to data sources, and an orchestration monitor that allows business users to monitor and control the execution of Web services orchestrations in real time. It integrates with the full line of IONA products to achieve end-to-any integration for meeting any enterprise integration requirement.

Availability and Pricing
The Mobile Orchestrator will be generally available on March 24, 2003. Pricing for Mobile Orchestrator is available through IONA Partners. A list of IONA Partners can be found at

IONA Orchestrator Product Family
IONA® OrchestratorTM is a graphical, project-oriented Web services process integration broker that enables the creation and execution of business processes that span time, organizations, applications, and people. Designed for use by non-technical developers and analysts, IONA's OrchestratorTM product family offers organizations a quick, reliable and secure solution for making their integration and business process management technologies work together and helping them dramatically simplify application integration.

About IONA
IONA is the leading provider of Rapid Integration software with more than 4,500 customers worldwide. IONA's award-winning Rapid Integration software products are built on: service-oriented architectures that increase reuse of software assets to deliver lasting results, standards-based software that enables vendor independence, and incremental deployment capabilities that lower the customer's risk.

Founded in 1991, IONA® (NASDAQ: IONA) is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with U.S. headquarters in Waltham, Massachusetts and offices worldwide. For additional information about IONA, visit our Web site at

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