One Stop Systems Introduces 23 Wide, 8U High CompactPCI Enclosure

3/10/2003 - One Stop Systems announces the introduction of its 23” wide, 8U high carrier class enclosure for mission-critical applications. The 20-slot CompactPCI backplane provides significant capacity for high-end applications. Six 250-watt hot swappable power supplies provide up to 1,250 watts of redundant power. The backplane supports a center-mounted processor board and one bridge board. Four individually hot swappable fans mounted below the card cage and four individually hot swappable blowers mounted above the card cage provide superior cooling. Dual AC inputs provide greater redundancy in case of power failure. One Stop Systems’ system monitor and alarm board and monitoring software allows the operator to remotely monitor vital system functions. The enclosure is designed to meet all emissions, safety and NEBS Level 3 requirements.

“The 23” wide enclosure expands One Stop Systems’ line of carrier class enclosures,” said Steve Cooper, president and CEO. “Its 8U height allows for more systems in a rack and it’s 20-slot backplane offers a significant number of CompactPCI slots while providing a large power source. The system monitor contains all the intelligence to monitor critical system parameters.”

The 23” wide enclosure lists for $8,895 (with six 200 watt power supplies) and is available immediately.

The monolithic backplane provides 20 CompactPCI slots. Two slots support a system processor board, one slot supports the system monitor board and seventeen slots are available for peripheral boards. Each slot provides rear I/O access on P3-P5 connectors. A pallet-style bridge board spans the rear P1-P2 connectors of slots 5-8. The bridge board does not interrupt the operation of any slot. The backplane also provides six P47 connectors for the 3U modular power supplies.

Power supplies
Each 3U, 2-slot wide power supply provides up to 250 watts of power of 3.3V, 5V, +12V, and –12V, totaling up to 1,250 watts of redundant power. Each supply is equipped with a single P47 power connector and is individually hot swappable. LEDs on the front panel indicate power on and fault.

The enclosure offers four (4) tachometer-equipped fans in individually hot swappable canisters mounted below the card cage and four (4) individually hot swappable blower canisters mounted above the card cage. The fans pull ambient air into the card cage through the front of the enclosure. The blowers then pull the air up across the boards and exhaust it out the rear of the enclosure. If one of the devices stops or fails to operate properly, it can be easily replaced without interrupting the system’s operation and while maintaining a cool system temperature. The system monitor board monitors fan rotation and card cage temperature.

System monitor
The OSS System Monitor is a 6U CompactPCI board with transition module. It provides monitoring of temperature, fan rotation, DC voltage levels, and CPU activity. It also controls the blower speed, which reduces noise when the blowers are not needed. The transition module provides the interface to all the I/O including fans, blowers, temperature sensors, relays, serial port and Ethernet port. The Internet-based firmware allows remote monitoring of the system’s vital parameters.

About One Stop Systems
One Stop Systems designs and manufactures a broad selection of standard, custom, and semi-custom computing systems and components for telecom, industrial control and military applications. These include CompactPCI, PCI/ISA and VME-based architectures. We offer responsive service, the highest quality design and manufacturing, and on-time delivery. In addition, One Stop Systems’ easy-to-navigate product catalog at offers a broad selection of industrial-grade computing systems and components. For more information, contact our sales department toll free at (877) GET-CPCI or visit our web site at

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