Reasoning Study Reveals Fewer Defects in Open Source Code

3/10/2003 - Reasoning, the leading provider of automated software inspection, announced the availability of an inspection report that substantiates a study announced by the Company February 11th comparing the number of defects found in the TCP/IP protocol stack code in open source Linux software to those found in commercial software. The study concluded the TCP/IP protocol stack implementation in version 2.4.19 of the Linux kernel exhibited a very low defect density compared to several commercial equivalents, suggesting that open source software can be of comparable or superior quality than commercial software. The actual inspection report can be requested on Reasoning's corporate web site at

Dr. Jasper Kamperman, a senior software inspection expert at Reasoning, will present the findings of the study and provide analysis of the inspection report at Real World Linux in Toronto, April 29, at 4:00 p.m., at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

According to Caleb Greenberg, vice president of sales and marketing at Reasoning, "Within two weeks after issuing the February 11 press release about our study, "How Open-Source and Commercial Software Compare", we had fielded more than 2,000 requests for more information about how to obtain a copy of the study results. We immediately made the white paper accessible via, and now on our site we are also making available the actual inspection report of the code defects -- the "meat" of the white paper's findings."

In its study, Reasoning found 8 defects in 81,852 lines of Linux kernel source code - fewer defects than in all but one of the five commercial implementations of TCP/IP inspected by Reasoning as part of its study. Besides the Linux kernel, three of the implementations were part of commercial general-purpose operating systems and two were embedded in commercial telecommunications equipment.

Greenberg added that Reasoning is in the process of studying the code of other open-source software applications and comparing them to the code of their commercial software equivalents. He expects to be announcing those findings later in the year.

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