AC4490 900MHz Transceivers Smash Price Point and Set New Standard

3/5/2003 - AeroComm, Inc., leading developer of complete wireless solutions for local industrial and commercial applications, announces the immediate availability of its feature-enhanced 900 MHz spread spectrum transceiver -- at less than half the price of similarly specified modules on the market.

Aimed at OEMs producing equipment for the Americas, the new 900 MHz AC4490 module interfaces via serial TTL level connection, providing transparent, bi-directional wireless communication in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint, client/server or peer-to-peer networks using AeroComm's proprietary RF-232TM transparent protocol.

Typical low-cost radios provide only RF transmission; they do not contain protocol to manage "over the air" issues such as how to overcome interference and multipath problems, detect errors in the data, address messages to individual radios, secure transmissions from eavesdropping, verify link quality. RF-232 handles these issues with the same robust protocol found in radios costing hundreds of dollars.

RF232 allows AC4490 modules to be used as direct cable replacements, requiring no special host software for communication. Communications include both system and configuration data. All frequency hopping, synchronization, and RF system data transmission/reception is performed by the transceiver. Plus, AC4490s feature a number of on-the-fly control commands, providing OEMs with a very versatile interface for any application.

Using field-proven FHSS technology -- which needs no additional FCC licensing -- AC4490s provide interference rejection, enable co-located system operation, increase output power, and maintain data integrity. Product enhancements include:

"OEMs are searching for low-cost communication alternatives that replace wires or existing wireless (such as infrared, serial/wired, memory card download, or other less sophisticated options)," Said Jim O'Callaghan, AeroComm's Vice President of OEM Sales. "Factors driving this need include the costs associated with installation, maintenance, relocation, convenience, and market acceptance.

"AeroComm has designed AC4490 to help these manufacturers give their cost-sensitive systems robust wireless capability -- fast -- with little or no RF experience."

Typical applications for AC4490 modules include vending machines, automated meter reading, gaming, electronic signs and scoreboards, wheel alignment, pool and spa control, point of sale, fleet management, lighting control and security. Visit Applications for a list of both industrial and commercial uses of 900MHz wireless.

AC4490 is approved for use in portable, mobile and fixed applications in the US, Canada, Australia and South America. To comply with additional markets, AC4490 is software- and hardware-compatible with AeroComm's 2.4GHz AC4424. This enables OEMs to design once and subsequently interchange 900MHz or 2.4GHz radios to increase performance and/or expand into new markets. The modules will be available from AeroComm, Avnet, and premier distributors worldwide. Developer tools and engineering support back every AeroComm RF product.

Formed in 1990, AeroComm was the first manufacturer to gain FCC approval for 2.4 GHz direct sequence spread spectrum transceivers in 1994. Since then, the company has shipped over 100,000 wireless connectivity devices for home, small business and OEM markets. In 1996, AeroComm's technical focus became frequency-hopping due to its reduced cost, lower power consumption, higher interference immunity and smaller size. Today its proprietary methods of implementing spread spectrum technology enable wireless applications that were previously cost-prohibitive. The ConnexRF line offers a variety of standard OEM RF transceivers as well as custom solutions for major OEMs. An award-winning GoPrint line of printer sharing devices is also available via retail channels.

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