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3/5/2003 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. with AC Technology, Inc. and Cross Match Technologies, announced the availability of the first high-security logon solution to combine biometrics information with Smart Card technology. The new solution, which combines AC Technology BiObex Software, Cross Match Technologies Verifier E Fingerprint Scanning device and the Sun Ray system, marks the first forensic-quality, biometric authentication solution in a UNIX environment that adheres to the NIST standards (National Institute of Standards and Technology) of the FBI. The solution, based on the Solaris Operating System, can be used to prevent identity theft, fraud and cyber terrorism, and is one of the first solutions of its kind to feature biometric security for Sun's Smart Card "hot desk" architecture, which is available on the Sun Ray system.

Originally designed for use by the federal government, the new solution can also be used in other markets that require high-security measures for enabling network access, such as financial services and healthcare. Because it stores no sensitive data locally, Sun Microsystems Sun Ray system is the ideal client for a high-security solution such as this, as the possibility of data theft is virtually eliminated.

When combined with AC Technology's BiObex application and the Cross Match Verifier E biometric access control device, security in the Sun architecture is further enhanced, ensuring tight control of access to data from the network, particularly with respect to the Sun Ray Smart Card technology. Leveraging the Smart Card technology, the solution creates a virtual desktop ("hot desk" architecture) that allows the user to activate a highly secure session from anywhere on the network. Already, several government agencies have acquired this technology to assess its ability to meet their operational requirements.

"With AC Technology's and Cross Match Technologies' combined biometrics applications, the security of the Sun Ray system architecture is enhanced significantly, making it a great fit for government and other industries that require high-security measures," said Thomas Kreidler, vice president, public sector area and president Sun Microsystems Federal, Inc. "Given the focus of the government's recent National Cybersecurity plan for preventing cyber terrorism and identity theft, this new solution comes at an important time. Partnering with AC and Cross Match enables us to meet the increasing levels of security necessary for government institutions, while providing the commercial sector with a government-quality security solution at the same time."

The BiObex System complements the unique features of various UNIX architectures such as the Sun Ray system. The BiObex System allows users to deploy access control to not only the desktop, but also to any physical or digital portal. For instance, airline crews might be able to avoid long security checkpoint lines by using an airline-issued Smart Card that contains biometric and other critical information to access a special portal designed specifically for them.

"As one of Sun's key partners in homeland defense and biometrics, we're working together to deliver a highly scalable, network-enabled, Solaris-based solution that can provide a much-needed additional layer of security to enterprises' current policies and procedures," said Arthur Sands, COO and executive vice president, AC Technology, Inc. "As the issue of homeland security grows increasingly urgent, it makes good sense to work with industry leaders such as Sun and Cross Match to provide a range of customers in both the government and commercial sectors with a UNIX platform-based biometric security solution that can meet today's unique security requirements."

Adding to the solution's high degree of security, Cross Match Technologies Verifer E provides features not found in any other fingerprint scanner. Unlike small, inexpensive silicon fingerprint sensors, the Verifier E is highly durable and offers a larger platen for the capture of FBI-standard prints. It is a Smart Scanner with intelligence built in that counts minutia ridges, makes an assessment, and helps ensure that only quality images are captured so that fingerprint verification is successful.

"With threats related to identity theft and cyber terrorism becoming more imminent, security-conscious organizations should want to add an additional forensic-quality layer of security for network access control," said Tim Murray, executive vice president and COO of Cross Match Technologies. "Our unique fingerprint scanner combined with AC's BiObex application and the Sun Ray system ensures an unparalleled degree of security in the UNIX environment."

AC Technology and Cross Match Technologies are members of Sun's iForce community of partners. The iForce initiative brings together under one umbrella Sun systems, software, services and best-in-class iForce partners to create and deliver customer-driven solutions that enable those customers to leverage the network to improve business processes.

About AC Technology, Inc.
AC Technology, Inc. is a Veteran Owned Small Business that has maintained a successful 12 year relationship with Sun Microsystems. The company maintains Elite Certification in Storage and Enterprise and is the first Sun Enterprise Partner to earn Elite certification in Sun ONE, in addition to holding a GSA Schedule for all of Sun's products and services. AC Technology, Inc. has also distinguished itself as a Sun Developer through the design and development of the first 100-percent JAVA technology-based Biometric Access Control System on a Sun Ray appliance (BiObexTM). The company's dedication to customer satisfaction has made AC Technology, Inc. one of Sun's most consistent "go to" partners for innovative solutions using Sun ONE architecture.

About Cross Match Technologies, Inc.
Cross Match Technologies is an industry leader in the development of forensic-quality fingerprint and palm print capture products for state, federal, commercial, aviation and international organizations to prevent infiltration, crime and terrorism. Cross Match offers the most comprehensive lines of biometric products in the industry supported by superior customer service. Cross Match has customers in 40 countries and is responsible for fingerprinting over 20 million people worldwide. Cross Match has sold and delivered more than 5,000 systems and holds or has pending more than 70 patents.

About Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Since its inception in 1982, a singular vision -- "The Network Is The Computer" -- has propelled Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW) to its position as a leading provider of industrial-strength hardware, software and services that make the Net work. Sun can be found in more than 100 countries and on the World Wide Web at

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