XEMICS XE1401 Receives Bluetooth Qualification

3/5/2003 - XEMICS SA, Switzerland, a leading provider of Ultra Low Power Solutions, announced that it has received the BluetoothTM qualification for the XE1401, the first member of XEMICS EasyBlueTM family.

The XEMICS XE1401 is the world's lowest power BluetoothTM controller not requiring any external memory. The uncompromising low power design using a fully integrated lower layer BluetoothTM protocol stack significantly lowers the system cost, reduces the development time and eases the overall production of any BluetoothTM enabled application.

"The qualification of the XE1401, the first member of our EasyBlueTM family, marks the passing of a long-anticipated milestone for the low power BluetoothTM community" said Remy Pache, VP Marketing of XEMICS. "Besides the XE1401 Starter Kit, the upcoming qualification of our reference designs will represent a comprehensive package that enables customers to immediately start designing an ultra low power BluetoothTM link for data and voice applications."

This qualification marks a significant step towards the implementation of an ultra low power BluetoothTM link in any battery powered application. Equipment manufacturers developing battery powered BluetoothTM devices like Headsets, Human Interface Devices, Point of sales terminals and Compact Flash cards are now able to take advantage of the existence of an ultra low power BluetoothTM solution.

The XE1401, the first member of the XEMICS EasyBlueTM family, is tailored for battery powered application requiring both, SCO and ACL connection types. The flexible and easy to use nature of the XE1401 means that it supports various BluetoothTM radio chips, e.g. Skyworks and Silicon Wave and even includes a power management unit to allow different supply voltages.

By combining the XE1401 with the Skyworks BluetoothTM radio CX72303 and the XEMICS ultra low power CODEC XE3005, a BluetoothTM headset can be build consuming less than 22mW@1.8V when used in a HV3 link. This has already been successfully demonstrated at various trade shows using the XEMICS BluetoothTM Headset reference design.

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