Data Translation Rolls Out Three Camera Imaging Combo Packs

3/4/2003 - Data Translation,® Inc., a leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of high-performance data acquisition, imaging and machine vision products, announced three new Imaging Combo Packs so that users can easily and cost effectively select which solution they need for their particular camera and application.

Each Imaging Combo Pack integrates the company’s award-winning GLOBAL LAB® Image/2 image analysis software with a specific Data Translation PCI frame grabber. The three frame grabbers are: the DT3145 Camera LinkTM board which enables standard cabling for digital cameras; the DT3162 variable-scan board which provides high-speed image acquisition for any variable-scan monochrome analog input; and the DT3120, a low-cost board designed for monochrome or composite color cameras.

GLI/2 is a Windows®-based customizable image analysis application package that is ideal for scientific and general-purpose image analysis. Designed for a wide range of users with different expertise levels, GLI/2 provides multiple development levels -- from pre-defined image processing and analysis tools for code-less graphical program development, ideal for non-programmers who want to use a simple point-and-click script, to object-oriented API function calls, allowing experienced programmers to write complete applications and custom tools in Visual C++?. GLI/2 also supports a wide range of Data Translation frame grabbers (monochrome, variable-scan, color and digital-input) so that developers can tailor the frame grabber type needed for specific imaging requirements.

“The announcement is a direct result of customer requests to streamline the purchase process,” said Fred Molinari, president, founder and CEO of Data Translation. “Our approach is to let the customers focus on what they do best and we’ll take care of the details. All a customer has to know is what kind of camera he has and what he’s using it for and we have the solution.”

GLI/2+DT3145 Combo Pack
The DT3145 is a high-performance, high-speed digital image acquisition board, based on the Camera Link standard. Its high-performance image capture capability combined with simple cable interfacing makes it an ideal solution for base configuration Camera Link cameras used in high-resolution scientific imaging, general-purpose image processing, and machine vision applications.

The DT3145 frame grabber is a base Camera Link configuration and includes the following key features:

GLI/2+DT3162 Combo Pack
The DT3162 is a variable-scan monochrome frame grabber for the PCI bus. The DT3162’s all-purpose design yields many technical breakthroughs for demanding applications. These include: high-speed acquisition rate of 40 MHz for newer, faster cameras; high resolution for precise measurements; and advanced software capabilities for programmable timing, resolution, camera set-up and video format.

The DT3162 has the following key features:

GLI/2+DT3120 Combo Pack
The DT3120 is a low-cost monochrome/composite color frame grabber that acquires a standard monochrome, composite color, or S-video color image from a single camera. The DT3120’s PCI bus and Scatter/Gather architecture enables it to handle large amounts of image data quickly and effectively, and with no CPU intervention. The DT3120 has an external trigger input via a BNC connector. It is an ideal solution for scientists, lab technicians, researchers, or anyone performing scientific and general-purpose imaging.

Availability and Pricing
The GLI/2+DT3162 and the GLI/2+DT3145 Imaging Combo Packs are $1735, and the GLI/2+DT3120 Imaging Combo Pack is priced at $1,125. These prices reflect a 17 percent cost savings off the regular price. All three are available for immediate order.

Data Translation provides complete technical support for all its products. Support is also available 24x7 via Data Translation’s website at

About Data Translation
Data Translation, Inc. is a world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of high performance data acquisition, imaging, machine vision, and digital video hardware and software systems. Founded in 1973 and headquartered in Marlboro, Mass., the ISO 9001-certified company has a worldwide presence, with distribution in more than 40 countries and subsidiaries in Germany and the UK. A commitment to open systems and total quality solutions is the hallmark of Data Translation. Information about Data Translation and its products can be found at

Data Translation and GLOBAL LAB Image/2 are registered trademarks. Windows and Visual C++ are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Camera Link is a trademark of the Automated Imaging Association.

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