Microcross Launches Latest ARM / Thumb Combo GNU

3/3/2003 - Microcross releases GNU X-Tools ARM / Thumb Toolsuite v3.2, which fully supports all ARM variants. This GNU distribution is the latest stable toolsuite based on GNU GCC v3.2 and is derived from the standard distribution of GNU tools, which supports more hosts and target processors than any embedded development toolsuite in existence. This version of GNU tools combines the ARM and Thumb toolsuites into one toolsuite, thereby saving the developer the added expense of purchasing two standard toolsuites like in GCC v2.95.2. Moreover, the GNU tools offer more cost savings per feature than any toolchain available on the commercial market. Their popularity comes from years of maturity and usage on every viable host operating system in existence over the past 15 years.

GNU X-Tools and the award-winning IDE, known as Visual SlickEdit®, power Visual X-ToolsTM, a customized development solution for professional embedded programmers. For a Free 30-Day tryout of Visual X-ToolsTM IDE with the GNU X-ToolsTM ARM / Thumb Toolsuite v3.2 , contact Microcross.

About Microcross
Microcross is a leading global provider of GNU embedded development tools, training and support services. GNU X-ToolsTM, Microcross' flagship product, is a reliable, low-cost embedded developer solution supporting over 20 of the most popular embedded 16, 32 and 64-bit embedded microprocessors. GNU X-ToolsTM is becoming a standard for embedded programming tools; no other toolchain offers the breadth and depth of microprocessor coverage. Visual X-toolsTM IDE was added to the Microcross product line in January 2003, and offers the developer a complete development studio with a full-featured IDE, build and debug interface. For more information about Microcross, please browse www.microcross.com.

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