Aonix Grows Into Two New Companies

3/3/2003 - Aonix announces the growth of the former Aonix Corporation into two new companies.

The entire former Critical Development Solutions (CDS) division with all the existing products is now a new company keeping the name of Aonix. This company will continue to provide software development solutions for mission-critical and safety-critical applications and will focus on the Space, Avionics, Defense, Transportation and Industrial markets. The former Aonix Divisions, eBIS and Select product divisions, remain intact and have been renamed Select Business Solutions, Inc. and will focus directly on the commercial IT market sector. The growth into two companies allows each new company to focus on their respective market areas.

The former CDS general manager, Nicolas Hadjidakis and the CFO, Christophe Faurere, led a group of brand new investors who purchased the new Aonix. The faith that Aonix employees have in their company and the fact that the CDS division bucked industry trends by generating significant revenue growth in 2002 attracted the new investors. New additional venture capital funding is expected to specifically grow the company around existing products. Aonix current products are: Software Through Pictures® (StP), ObjectAda®, RavenTM, TeleUSE®, and high performance Java based products.

"We are very pleased to have the opportunity to build upon the fantastic foundations of the CDS division." says Nicolas Hadjidakis, CEO and President of the new Aonix. "We see a growing demand for well engineered 'high-integrity' software for mission-critical applications in all the markets we are targeting".

The new Aonix is retaining the entire CDS management team, as well as its staff, development and support centers for all CDS product lines. All Aonix offices in the US, France, Germany, Sweden, and the UK remain in their current locations with the same contact information.

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